WORLDSCOPE – Compiled by Yohei !! 24/7 Records

‘Worldscope’ is not only a great collection of tunes but showcasing the view on Psytrance music from a Japanese mindset – coming from a great hybrid culture and their high technical approach this compilation is as electrified as their cities and was selected by 24-7 Records label DJ Yohei based in Tokyo!
All 9 tracks reflect an intelligent, innovative and fresh dance-floor experience, with the sole purpose of keeping the listener magnetized.
The tracks come straight from both the label’s artist vault and also friends of the family from around the globe. Infused with a distinct oriental flavour with remixes from the 24-7 catalogue by Japanese artists ‘Spectra Sonics’ & ‘Cylon’.

WORLDSCOPE - Compiled by Yohei !! 24/7 Records

Track list
Unreality.Original Mix
. Neuroplasm, Spun Out
2.Spiritual Chants . Original Mix. 
Circulon Original Mix 
. Materia
4.Magic Wonka . Earthspace . Remix
5.Stereo Panic . Original Mix . 
6.What Is Real . Spectra Sonics . Remix
 Sinerider, Ital,Neuroplasm
Spectra Sonics
7.Shankadelic Original Mix . 
K.I.M., Microdot
8.Electronic Lock . 
Materia and Intelligence 
. Remix Cylon
Resistance Original Mix
 . Spec3

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