VA Natural Selection by DJ Vance

Digital Nature Records is delighted to announce the launch of VA Natural Selection by DJ Vance, the first in what we hope to be a long series of releases compiled by our worldwide DJs, presenting their favorite Digital Nature tracks and masterfully mixed to create an enjoyable and extremely memorable ride. Natural Selection is compiled by DJ Vance (Mats Hansen) from Sweden, one of the rising stars in the Scandinavian trance scene and one of our first worldwide representatives. Vance compiled and mixed a super strong blend of progressive trance tunes from our many international artists, in a set developing from deep epic moments to full blasting groove anthems, displaying his extraordinary mixing skills and knowledge in set building, to create a uniquely flowing continuous mix which is available as bonus track.

1. Alion – Showdown
2. Day Dream and Timeless – Space Radio
3. D-Twin – Nature and Science
4. Sonic Sense – How Does It Feel
5. Atom Device – Crisis
6  Mind Spin – Flow
7. Dual Vision – Spiritual Light
8. Day Dream – Unseen Desire (Shanko Remix)
9. Soulscape – Flow
10. Solaris Vibe and Nitrodrop – Lucid Reality
11. Natural Selection Continuous Mix by DJ Vance

release date 11/02/2013

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