TWINA “Radio EP” – Out Now On Beatport!

Psychedlic Trance

Progressive and psychedelic beats melt perfectly with strong melodies and outstanding lyrics. This is music with a message that will take you into a new world, the world of Twina’s Radio!

In the midst of 1990, when Israeli Psychedelic Trance Producers were dominating the scene, Tel Aviv based Assaf Twina has been always a key player of the pack. TWINA’S musical background started in Rock Music as a keyboard player in various Rock Bands. Soon he discovered his love for electronic music and he started Djing as well as producing Psy Trance.

TWINA has played all major festivals including the Solar Vision – GDL in Mexico City, the Open Air Festival in Moscow as well as the legendary Halfmoon – Fullmoon Festival in Thailand. His musical collaborations include works with California Sunshine, Visual Paradox, Ultravoice, ITP plus many more!

His music is extremely powerful and rich in sound and often been described as Stadium-Music. His ability to pull the crowd has been proven on many Festivals and it comes as no surprise that TWINA was booked for the Olympic Basketball Games 2012 in London /England.
After his successful follow-up EP “Having a free Mind”, Yellow Sunshine Explosion is proud to present his new EP “Radio”, which is now available as digital download on Beatport.

1. Twina-Listen To The Radio
2. Twina -Unified Field
3. Twina- Amueba
4. Twina (feat Efrat Darky)- The Eyes of Love


For Digital Download via Beatport, please click HERE