Ritmo – Phrase-B

Progressive Trance

You’ve waited for it, you tried to guess what the second Phrase might be and now it is finally here: Darker, Deeper, Better! Phrase B!

After accumulating experiences across the globe, Ritmo has initialized the other side of the Phrase, it is absorbed with a more atmospheric intense sensation and brings an amalgamation of the highest quality Progressive sounds in the galaxy.

Ritmo, aka Dubi Dagan from Tel Aviv, Israel, has conquered the top of the Progressive Kingdom in a few years, sneaking into our hearts with his modesty and shyness on the one hand, and his furious and energetic performance on the other. There is no way you can resist his magic!

After releasing his debut album “Disharmonic Silence” on Iono Music in 2008, Ritmo has started to raise much attention. He continued with his acclaimed compilation “Archive 9” and has been one of the first family members of Iono Music. From that moment on he released many quality gems, being the uncompromising artist that he is, always working hard to create the perfect sound. Along the way he had some collaborations: Ritree with Suntree aka Alon Brilant and Arctic with Gaudium aka Andreas Wennersköld.

Format: Digital Download

Release Date: 04.03.2013


01. Ritmo – The Truth (Feat. Eitan M)

02. Ritmo – The War Against The Machines

03. Ritmo – The Way We Are

04. Ritmo – At The Beginning

05. Ritmo – Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix)


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