Goa Vol.54 ! Compiled by Champa ! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Yellow Sunshine Explosion has come up with the 54rd edition of the Goa Vol Series.

Compiled by Champa also known as DJ Prozak. This double CD pack is a very carefully selected journey of magic & high quality Progressive and Psychedelic Trance taken from today‘s wide spread range of Goa Trance. Featuring Artists like Suntree feat. Sharon, Ritmo & Sphera, Static Movement & Vertex, Invisible Reality vs Space Hypnose, Champa vs Mechanimal, Side Effects and Redrosid.

This CD is a perfect journey throughout our scene, including 11 unreleased tracks from Producers like Tripy vs DJ Bim, Fire Starter, Shake & Magnus, Mighty Pills, Profound, Suduaya, Akxess, Soundragon, FluorEnzo, Savage Circuit & Psyana, Tristate and Render.

Goa  Vol.54 ! Compiled by Champa ! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list

CD 1
1. Suntree feat. Sharon – Reunion
2. Ritmo & Sphera – Thoughts And Ideas
3. Champa – What Makes You Itch (Fire Starter Remix)
4. Static Movement & Vertex – The Limits Of Control
5. Shake & Magnus – Storm
6. Mighty Pills – Became A Jaguar
7. Profound – Different Places
8. Suduaya – Solar Love
9. Tripy vs DJ Bim – Psychedelic Fiesta

CD 2
1. Akxess – Robot Child
2. Invisible Reality vs Space Hypnose – Soft Bites
3. Soundragon – Open Space
4. Champa vs Mechanimal – Imagine
5. FluorEnzo, Savage Circuit & Psyana – Blow
6. Side Effects – Shape Shifter
7. Tristate – Humans
8. Egorythmia vs Roger Rabbit – Spiritual Science (Redrosid Remix)
9. Render – Human Programs

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