GOA VOL.45 Compiled by DJ ShaMane

Goa TranceYellow Sunshine Explosion is almost unstoppable in its thoughtful and steady release policy. Having now reached the 45th edition of GOA, they are the leading label out there with an incredible output of quality and persistency second to none.
GOA VOL.45 is another classic example of a high quality release packed with Progressive Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance tunes by the likes of Zonka, ManMachine, Opposite 87, Simply Wave, Twina, Side Effect, Sonic Entity, Major 7, Vertical Mode, Static Movement, Side Effects, Drukverdeler & DJ Bim plus many more.
Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ ShaMane is right on top of the current sound and trends, having chosen carefully selected track from labels such as Iboga, Digital Nature or the South American label Mosaico.

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CD 1
1. DayDin – Halkidiki (Zonka Remix)
2. MANMACHINE – Resonance
3. Lyctum – Euphoria
4. Opposite8 Vs Simply Wave –
Something From The Past
5. Twina – Unified Field
6. Side Effects – Subconscious Mind
7. Sonic Entity – Human Engineers
8. Major 7 & Vertical Mode- Major Mode
9. Echotek – Storm Riders

CD 2
1. Static Movement vs Fender Bender –
Circle Of Life
2. Nitrodrop and Peace Maker – Drop Maker
3. Digital Sun – Mexican Dream
4. Waterphonics – Space Cave
5. Fire Starter – Dancing With Shakti (Champa Remix)
6. Pulsar & LunaRave – Metatron (Elegy Remix)
7. Pragmatix – Frequency Walk
8. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Luscious
9. Opposite8 – Electric Space