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Champa “My Son” – Out Now As Digital Download

Yellow Sunshine ExplosionUK born DJ and producer Isaac Houlli aka Champa has been a long standing artist in the  dance scene for over 20 years now. After working the dance floors with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has also impressed with his production skills and developed a sound full of greatness and awe.
Champa produces the kind music that needs to be played loud and danced too with a smile on your face. His live performances are of high intensity and very uplifting. Combine an uplifting attitude with groovy bass lines, funky percussive rhythms and a relentless driving melody and you have a serious psychedelic tune for a mass audience. Some of the tracks have catchy vocals and  also some humorous samples. Champa had to dig deep into his record archive to create the unique sound for ‘My Son’.
Champa has already released a number of singles on Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Neurobiotic including ‘Overtones’, ‘Visions of Goa’, ‘The Secret’ and the most applauded ‘Jungle Boogie’.

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GOA VOL.45 – Now Available As Digital Download

Goa Trance

Yellow Sunshine Explosion is almost unstoppable in its thoughtful and steady release policy. Having now reached the 45th edition of GOA, they are the leading label out there with an incredible output of quality and persistency second to none.
GOA VOL.45, now available as Digital Download via Beatport, is another classic example of a high quality release packed with Progressive Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance tunes by the likes of Zonka, ManMachine, Opposite 87, Simply Wave, Twina, Side Effect, Sonic Entity, Major 7, Vertical Mode, Static Movement, Side Effects, Drukverdeler & DJ Bim plus many more.
Yellow Sunshine ExplosionLabel DJ ShaMane is right on top of the current sound and trends, having chosen carefully selected track from labels such as Iboga, Digital Nature or the South American label Mosaico.

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CD 1
1. DayDin – Halkidiki (Zonka Remix)
2. MANMACHINE – Resonance
3. Lyctum – Euphoria
4. Opposite8 Vs Simply Wave –
Something From The Past
5. Twina – Unified Field
6. Side Effects – Subconscious Mind
7. Sonic Entity – Human Engineers
8. Major 7 & Vertical Mode- Major Mode
9. Echotek – Storm Riders

CD 2
1. Static Movement vs Fender Bender –
Circle Of Life
2. Nitrodrop and Peace Maker – Drop Maker
3. Digital Sun – Mexican Dream
4. Waterphonics – Space Cave
5. Fire Starter – Dancing With Shakti (Champa Remix)
6. Pulsar & LunaRave – Metatron (Elegy Remix)
7. Pragmatix – Frequency Walk
8. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Luscious
9. Opposite8 – Electric Space

3 Brand New Psychedelic Offerings Out Now As Digital Download

Fire Starter

After the successful digital Album release by Fire Starter – Extremely Flammable, Yellow Sunshine Explosion is pleased to announce Fire Starter’s next digital offering:

Fire Starter – DE JA VU EP.  This EP contains 3 fresh tracks including two remixes by Champa – Miracle Pill and Lytum – Hologram. Expect sharp grooves, colorful soundscapes, original vocals and an overall high quality production ready to rock the dance floor!

1. Fire Starter – De Ja Vu
2. Lyctum – Hologram (Fire Starter Remix)
3. Champa – Miracle Pill (Fire Starter Remix)

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After his first Album Release on Y.S.E , Levent Inan aka Sirion from Hamburg Germany presents his first digital E.P “Where We Belong”, giving us a glimpse on what to expect on his forthcoming Album in early 2013. Enjoy this tasteful mix of light Goa Trance with massive sound scapes and groovy rhythms blending beautifully with soulful vocals.

1. Sirion- What Da Funk
2. Sirion – As You Are
3. Sirion – Where We Belong



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Digital Sun is a cutting edge electronic music project created by DJ & Producer Ash Mohan from Melbourne, Australia.
With an ear for fresh sounds and edgy electronica, Ash has created a unique style of dance music. Enjoy his tasteful mix of everlasting sounds-capes, groovy rhythms and sharp synthesiser sounds, blended beautifully with soulful vocals and deep tech atmospheres.
The Digital Sun project is a unique blend of dance floor friendly flavors, ranging from deep Tech House to Progressive Trance, all tailored for maximum groove and adaptable to many different environments.
Equally at home purveying mind-melting melodies on the club floor or rumbling deep baselines, Digital Sun is a boundary-pushing project with a contemporary mindset and a feel for the future of electronic music.

1. Digital Sun – Aphrodite
2. Digital Sun – Bending Light And Space
3. Digital Sun – Mexican Dream

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New Digital Downloads | MOST WANTED SERIES

Get on board with the brand new Digital Download Series, MOST WANTED, available as exclusive Downloads via Beatport.

The MOST WANTED Series focuses on the best producers in the field of Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trance, each release comes as an E.P. and is currently one of the most downloaded titles amongst the Yellow Sunshine Explosion catalogue.

The Series features MARCO MENICHELLI, also known as a member of the legendary act Sun Project!
With his EP, Marco Menichelli presents 4 tracks of the fines Progressive Trance. Also on board are Hamburg based Thorsten Paul aka KLOPFGEISTER with a solid dosage of proper German Trance, followed by MINDWAVE, EGORYTHMICA and KULARIS. DJ FABIO is another highlight of the MOST WANTED series with a cracking 4 track E.P. which also features collaboration with DJ Magical (Featuring Nina Hagen) and DJ Benni Moon!

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