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Goa Beach Vol.27 !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

GOA BEACH VOL.27 is again a powerful, double CD edition packed with 9 finest progressive GOA Trance and 10 best Lounge Music Production‘s, a well tried and tested concept which has been proven to be very successful amongst our loyal followers.
This is the perfect entry point to summer 2015 and this time, it has been again compiled for you by DJ Bim and Alex Tronix (Alex Tronic Records / Scotland). This Double CD features on CD1 the best Progressive Trance with Act‘s like Anton Maiko, MUTe, Ticon, Hi Profile, Flexus, Opposite8, Invisible Reality, Sensogram, Sphera.
CD 2 contains finest dream and listening Music supported by Artist‘s such as Alex Tronic, Cosway, Leith Bass Team, Minnie Rogers, Snakestyle, Neu Gestalt, Marvin Wilson, Dirt Diamond, Planet 88.
GOA BEACH VOL.27 will please again your body and soul.
Another quality release on YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION .

Goa Beach  Vol.27  !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list
01. Anton Maiko – Eastern Story
02. SUNTREE – Inside (MUTe Remix)
03. Protonica – Horizon (Ticon Remix)
04. @Hi Profile – Machines In Heaven
05. Flexus – Sunset
06. Opposite8 – Deep Inside
07. Invisible Reality – Underworld
08. Sensogram – Universal Hippy
09. Liquid Soul – Desire (Sphera Remix)

01. Alex Tronic – Everywhere I Go ( Snakestyle Remix )
02. Cosway – Cappuccino Sunset
03. Leith Bass Team – Night Moves To Day
04. Minnie Rogers – Side To Side
05. Snakestyle -Turning Point
06. Neu Gestalt – Landing Lights
07. Marvin Wilson – Our Time Will Come ( part A)
08. Cosway – Slide
09. Dirt Diamond – Ambiance
10. Planet 88 – Azure Plaines

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ASTROPILOT-The Mist EP- Altar Rec.

Dmitriy is back and he has brought his friends along to remix and give their own interpretation of his new melodic ambient track entitled “The Mist”.
This 6-tracks EP is available in digital format only and in 24 Bits quality for maximum enjoyment….

ASTROPILOT-The Mist EP- Altar Rec.

Track list
1.Original mix [24] 08:55
2.Cydelix remix [24] 08:26
3.Cloower Wooma remix [24] 09:24
4.Spectrum Vision remix [24] 06:56
5.Yarn remix [24] 08:40
6.R.roo remix [24] 05:05

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Crop-Moving Forward EP-Out on Uxmal Rec.

Crop-Moving Forward EP-Out on Uxmal Rec.

Track list
1.Crop.Floating in a dream.Original Mix
2.Crop.Inside My Head.Original Mix

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NEW HEALING FESTIVAL !!! Music * Art * Inspiration *

By : Daniel Schneider and Jens Zygar
Start on :
25 august at 12 PM until 31 august 11 PM

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New leading Festival with some of the best Ambient Lounge and Trance DJs !!



CIRCULAR !! Moon Pool !! Out on Ultimae Rec.

Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik invite you in a pure ambient story in 8 chapters. An album that will drive you further and deeper into sound. At times evanescent, ethereal, at times on a rolling ride. Subtle blend of synthesis and organic instrumentations, Circular’s new album reveals the artists’ cross-genre inspirations, from the downtempo ballad, to minimalistic electronica glide and the ambidrum’n’bass collaboration with Vincent Villuis / AES Dana. Delightful and astonishing!






Track list :
2.Selenic Light
3.Theory of Tides
5.3 Moons
6.Imbrium (featuring AES Dana)

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Taboo – Life in The Universe – Out now – Iono Music !!!

Taboo - Life in The Universe - Out now - Iono Music !!!

Taboo – Life In The Universe

Everybody is looking for the meaning of life, that is, what it means to have a Life in the Universe. Religions, spiritual theories and science have tried since the dawn of ages to solve this mystery in order to reach this elusive understanding. But perhaps we do not need to reach the catharsis of a final understanding, maybe we can just accept life as it is and linger in the sonic treasures that Taboo has given us.
This oozing piece is made by Taboo, aka Michael Mordehayov, an Israeli artist (also known as Space Hypnose) originally from Azerbaijan, and slowly conquering the entire psychedelic realm. In this EP Mordehayov leaps back to his Chill-Out origins to deliver the much needed soothing sounds that wrap you in a sea of clouds into the Promised Land.



Track list :
01. Taboo – Life In The Universe
02. Taboo – Astrological Symbol
03. Taboo – Lost Worlds

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CABEIRI !!! New Album SELF INSIDER – !!!! Out Now on Altar Rec.

CABEIRI  !!! New Album SELF INSIDER -  !!!! Out Now on Altar Rec.

Cabeiri returns today 3 years after their first album “Inner Thoughts” was released on Altar Records.
Brothers Nickolas and Dimitris Vavalos from Greece have a uniquely psychedelic, progressive-chill sound.
The brothers duo dedicates to a light, deep, relaxing, ambient laced melody that soundscapes strong dark down tempo grooves.
“Self Insider” is a lifting uptempo album. Forward and intense with the mid-range bpm here being around 125.
Like an extension of “Inner Thoughts,” those who knew it will find their latest album follows the perfect continuing story of deep dark vibes with heavenly moods. Their one-of-a-kind twilight progressive-chill album is intent on giving a ‘high’ onto the dancefloor as the daylight unfolds.
Produced in 24bit quality. So its release will sound as good in the headphones as it does on the dance floor.
With “Self Insider” you’ll dive into Greek mythology, find ten previously unreleased full-length tracks of mystic vibes which is perfectly suited for the nightime DJ or uplifted into a twilight trance set.

It’s deep, it’s mystic, it’s psychedelic!

Track list:
01. The Great Ocean-120 bpm
02. The Bacchae-120 bpm
03. Unknown Sources-120 bpm
04. Matter’s Morphology-125 bpm
05. Night’s Lair-125 bpm
06. The Mythical Horse-128 bpm
07. Self Insider-130 bpm
08. Nothing To Fear-130 bpm
09. Elliptical Orbit-130 bpm
10. Eliconiades-128 bpm

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Max Million – AFTERIMAGES EP . TBMr Records.

Max Million - AFTERIMAGES EP . TBMr Records.




After multiple features on various label compilations including Ultimae records , here comes Afterimages , Max Million’s first EP. Often described as unlabeled, his music explores a quite unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy. He remains dedicated to the learning-process in order to explore further frontiers of sound design.

Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio 




Track list :

1.The Rout Of Ellipsis
2.Sub Strata [live edit]
4.If You Knew

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