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OWN SPIRITS Compiled by Lupin and Psygroo !! Own Spirit Records

Here comes the 1st release of Own Spirit Records as an introducion to the psychedelic electronic music circuit. This compilation has been selected by Lupin and Psygroo and represents a progressive psytrance journey through these 9 tracks under their vision of what is nowadays this music about, delivering you a great selection of tracks from a great bunch of productors. Sonic Entity, Lupin, Ovnimoon, Funky Dragon, Ascent, Offline, Atom Device, Owntrip and Lunatica are the ones who will guide you along this trip with their own spirits converted into musical pieces.

OWN SPIRITS Compiled by Lupin and Psygroo !! Own Spirit Records

Track list
1.- SONIC ENTITY – Altered Reality
2.- LUPIN – Geomancia
3.- OVNIMOON – Progrepsydish Goa Spirit
4.- OWNTRIP – Electric Comunication
5.- ATOM DEVICE – Looking Forward
6.- FUNKY DRAGON – The Code
7.- OFFLINE – Psychedelic Transition
8.- ASCENT – Mountain Whisper
9.- LUNATICA & LUPIN – Caja Cuantica

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WORLDSCOPE – Compiled by Yohei !! 24/7 Records

‘Worldscope’ is not only a great collection of tunes but showcasing the view on Psytrance music from a Japanese mindset – coming from a great hybrid culture and their high technical approach this compilation is as electrified as their cities and was selected by 24-7 Records label DJ Yohei based in Tokyo!
All 9 tracks reflect an intelligent, innovative and fresh dance-floor experience, with the sole purpose of keeping the listener magnetized.
The tracks come straight from both the label’s artist vault and also friends of the family from around the globe. Infused with a distinct oriental flavour with remixes from the 24-7 catalogue by Japanese artists ‘Spectra Sonics’ & ‘Cylon’.

WORLDSCOPE - Compiled by Yohei !! 24/7 Records

Track list
Unreality.Original Mix
. Neuroplasm, Spun Out
2.Spiritual Chants . Original Mix. 
Circulon Original Mix 
. Materia
4.Magic Wonka . Earthspace . Remix
5.Stereo Panic . Original Mix . 
6.What Is Real . Spectra Sonics . Remix
 Sinerider, Ital,Neuroplasm
Spectra Sonics
7.Shankadelic Original Mix . 
K.I.M., Microdot
8.Electronic Lock . 
Materia and Intelligence 
. Remix Cylon
Resistance Original Mix
 . Spec3

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Redrosid-Shrouded !! Iono – Music

Redrosid, aka Erez Bendek from Israel, serves us his second EP this year.
This time he provides us with 2 original tracks crafted in a new innovative psytrance setting which fills a void and feeds a hunger for something that is not Shrouded straight to your ears.
Make sure to join his journey to find out more about your own Aspcets Of Consciousness !!

Redrosid new EP  Shrouded  !! Iono - Music

Track list
01. Redrosid – Shrouded
02. Redrosid – Aspects of Consciousness

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BY : ElectroHippies EL Fabio
Start the 4 july at 4pm
4 Live Acts and 9 Dj´s
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Mindwave – Stellar !! Iono-Music

Anton Maiko aka Mindwave bring us another psychedelic journey track that will take us to deepest places of space. Get yourself comfortable, 3-2-1..lift off!

Mindwave - Stellar !! Iono-Music
Track list
1.Mindwave . Stellar

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Side Effects – Glory !! Iono – Music

We are proud to present the next single from our israel based artist ‘Side Effects’ by Tzahi Geller and Yarden Yogev. The single contains two fresh dance floor tracks called ‘Glory’ and ‘Other Dimension’.

Side Effects - Glory !! Iono - Music

Track list
1.Side Effects . Glory
2.Other Dimension . Side Effects

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Protonica – Rise of the Robots !!! Iono-Music

Protonica serve us the next single this year called ‘Rise of the Robots’. With this track they show us another time there skills in the studio, made for the dancefloor.
This tune has been tested as always on many dance floors Worldwide !

Protonica - Rise of the Robots  !!!  Iono-Music


Track list
1. Rise of the Robots . Protonica

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Tristate – Unit of Measure EP !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

UNIT OF MEASURE new EP by  Austrian producers “Tristate”, aka Georg Hampl & Markus Hotschl. After the big succes of the “Yes to Life EP”, they present us two fresh progressive psy tracks. 

Tristate - Unit of Measure  EP !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list
1.Tristate . Zero 4 . Original Mix
2.Tristate . Unit of Measure . Original Mix

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Goa Trance, Vol.29 !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Since the 28st edition, the GOA TRANCE Series has been compiled by Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ Tulla and except amazing new material an on GOA TRANCE VOL. 29. Tulla‘s approach always has an objective focous on the whole Trance Movement, selecting the best releases from well known but Record Labels like IONO Music, Tesseract, Y.S.E, Digital Om, Mosaico Records, Catalyst Records, Iboga, Madabeats Records and Nano Records.
GOA TRANCE VOL. 29 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement. In more than 140 minutes running time DJ Tulla presents you the whole spectrum of this Genre, all tunes ranging from Progressive Goa Trance to pure Psychedelic Trance with artists such as: Ectima, One Function vs. Atom Device, Middle Mode, Druckverdeler, Lifeforms, ArkoMo, Disorder, Champa vs Sati, Tristan & Outside The Universe, Lish & Mr What, Techyon, Egorythmia & Dual Resonance, NitroDrop vs SyllaBass, Vini Vici, Atomizers, Monolock, Mandragora, Audiophonic & 3D – Ghost.

 Goa Trance, Vol.29 !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list
1. Zen Mechanics – Ground Control (Ectima Remix)
2. One Function vs. Atom Device – Paradise
3. Middle Mode – Rising Shamans
4. Druckverdeler – Blacklight District
5. Lifeforms – Samsara
6. ArkoMo – Create Colours
7. Disorder – Trancending Mantras
8. Champa vs Sati – This Is Why I‘m Hot
9. Tristan & Outside The Universe – The Escape

1. Lish & Mr What – Experimental Movement
2. Techyon – Genetic Code
3. Egorythmia & Dual Resonance – Cosmic Transition
4. NitroDrop vs SyllaBass – Krishna Valley
5. Vini Vici – Namaste
6. Ticon – Hopes of Hades (Vini Vici Remix)
7. Atomizers – Human Species
8. Mandragora, Audiophonic & 3D – Ghost – The Magic Padrines
9. Monolock – One Man Dream

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✿✿ Sommersonnenwende Open Air !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion ✿✿

✿✿ Sommersonnenwende Open Air ✿✿
By : Andreas Bim Binotsch & Jens-at Klangkontakt
20 june & 21 june
Start at 6pm until 12am
More info click here
Video click here

✿✿ Sommersonnenwende Open Air !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion ✿✿