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DEDALE,HEKULA -MELOMATIC-EP !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

YSE Digital proudly presents : Another high quality EP release will be delivered by French production duo Stephane Dupray & Thomas Indevuyst /France aka Dedale & Hekula Connected People: contains a Atmospheric intro that launches into a crisp highly pace driven bass riff. Has some dreamy sweeps and squelch and rise sounds that progress nicely into some subtle melodies. Perfect warm-up track allowing the mind a moment of tranquillity. With Independent Company’s they deliver deep and dark progressive track that has industrial sounds to reverberate and twang around a panoramic spectrum. A mid-set charger with a tribal twist. The bass here is not to be feared but embraced. Spiritual Identity is a peak time progressive monster, fit for most record boxes. Catchy and highly melodic break downs with a surprising haunting tribal vocal. Groovy and a dare NOT to dance attitude.

DEDALE,HEKULA -MELOMATIC-EP !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list
1.Dedale,Hekula. Connected People.Original Mix
2.Dedale,Hekula.Independent Company’s.Original Mix
3.Dedale,Hekula. Spiritual Identity.Original Mix

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After a landmark debut for Digital Om delivering a collaboration EP with Sonic Entity, Serbian wizard ManMachine come back in his solo avatar bringing a massive 3 track EP. It features 2 original tracks composed in a very new production style using cutting edge techniques and modern sounds. The title track of the EP called Equivalent, speaks volumes of the evolution of the ManMachine sound and Quantum Revolution takes it a step further and leaves you wanting more. Adding to that is a superb remix of Spiritual Science, the hit collaboration of Egorythmia and Roger Rabbit. This talented producer will leave you wondering, is he really man or machine.


Track list
1.Manmachine.Equivalent.Original Mix
2.Egorythmia, Manmachine, Roger Rabbit.Spiritual Science Manmachine Remix
3.Manmachine.Quantum Revolution.Original Mix

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By : r ov-silence Events
December 24 until december 26
Start at 11pm until 12pm
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Liquid Records are proud to present Transformational Structures Vol. 1, the first of a series of brand new EP releases from Hypnocoustics. Volume 1 contains 3 stunning tracks reflecting the next generation of sound from this UK psychedelic trance duo. This release and the forthcoming EPs have been blasting dancefloors around the world with spectacular results, as well as being the tracks of choice for some of the most renowned psytrance DJs today. Containing a distinct rock’n’roll aesthetic, driving rhythm sections and intricate arrangements, this EP is an essential release for DJ’s and psychedelic music lovers alike this Winter.


Track list
1.Hypnocoustics.Eye Of The Hurricane.Original Mix
2.Hypnocoustics. Hylozoism.Original Mix
3.Hypnocoustics. Transformational Structures.Original Mix

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Track list
1.Agent Kritsek.Relentless.Original Mix
2.Agent Kritsek.For You.Original Mix
3.Agent Kritsek. Free Spirit.Original Mix

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ૐૐૐ Psy-Spirits VI ૐૐૐ

By : Michael Zara
december 20 until december 21
Start at 10pm until 12.30pm
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Egorythmia & Static Movement – Other Dimensions of Space !! Iono-Music !!

Time and space have always been human inventions. They are dependent on multiple factors and cultural norms, history and understandings.
This is why Egorythmia aka Boban Lazovski, and Static Movement aka Shahar Shtrikman decided to re-configure the way you understand these concepts and create Other Dimensions of Space.
This means that navigating through reality will be re-assembled by new beats, sounds and vibrations in order to challenge your perception and flowing in this world.
Are you game?

Egorythmia & Static Movement - Other Dimensions of Space - Single On Iono-Music !!

Track list
01. Egorythmia & Static Movement-Other Dimensions of Space

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GAIA EP !! MINDWAVE !! On TechSafari Rec.

TechSafari Records and Mindwave are happy to come together to make this new EP a reality! A tribute to the spirit and vibration of Gaia, the Earth Mother goddess, creator and guardian of divine power, mother of all forms of life and revered by ancient peoples.

GAIA EP !! MINDWAVE !! On TechSafari Rec. !!

Track list
1.Mindwave.Gaia.Original Mix
2.Mindwave.Long Delayed Echoes.Original Mix

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Goa Culture Vol.16 – Compiled by E-Clip & Dj Bim !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

The Goa Culture Series goes in the 16th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and Serbia‘s Goa Trance Legend E-Clip from the well known Trance Label IONO Music.
Goa Culture Vol. 16 is like every time an outstanding journey into the world of psychedelic progressive Goa Trance the ultimate soundtrack for the late early Winter 2014.
This release contains music in the modern psychedelic progressive trance genre, with emphasis on groovy, powerful, uplifting and massive tracks, forming cutting edge musical journeys, and massive tools for DJs……

Goa Culture Vol.16 - Compiled by E-Clip & Dj Bim !! Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!

Track list
CD 1
1. Odd Sequence – Pure Energy
2. Suntree – Expectations
3. Flexus – Magnetic Field (Opposite8 Remix)
4. Atomizers – We Share
5. Paralogue – Suck My Disk
6. Liquid Soul – Adrenaline (Kingpink Remix)
7. Radial! – Twilight Zone
8. Champa – Stay
9. Sonic Species – Dust Rising (Relativ Remix)
CD 2
1. Subliminal Codes – East Of Eden
2. Protonica – Greece (Atmos Remix)
3. Sub6 – Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)
4. E- Clip – Sacred Science (Redrosid Remix)
5. X-Noize & Sonic Species – Music
6. Lifeforms – Sex Panther (Motion Drive Remix )
7. Ilai – 3D Mode
8. E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix)
9. Relativ – Synthetic Patterns

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Aho – Light Around Us !!! Iono-Music

Light Around Us !!! This sonic awakening is introduced to you by Aho, aka Daniel Carcur from Chile, that is mostly well known for his musical witchcrafts as Ital, label manager of Antu Records. After many albums and EPs under Ital, he decided to experiment with other sound ventures and so Aho was born.

Aho - Light Around Us !!! Iono-Music

Track list
01. Aho – Safari Dance
02. Aho – Light Around Us
03. Aho – Ego

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Crop-Moving Forward EP-Out on Uxmal Rec.

Crop-Moving Forward EP-Out on Uxmal Rec.

Track list
1.Crop.Floating in a dream.Original Mix
2.Crop.Inside My Head.Original Mix

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