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Manifestor, Static Illusion !!! WAKE UP IN A DREAM EP !!! Profound Rec.

Profound Records is thrilled to present the collaboration EP between Manifestor And Static Illusion called “Wake Up In A Dream”. Manifestor is new born allias of Dmitriy Redko,better known as Astropilot. After years in chillout music he decided back to roots. The main focus of Manifestor is spirit of classical trance music with modern twist. He is already known in many places after his releases with JOOF Recordings. Anton Morozov aka Static Illusion an upcoming talent from Russia known for bombastic progressive grooves, explosive melodic elements, surprising musical transitions and masterful, modern and super smooth sound production.This EP which will have both trance and psychedelic feel and it will give the ear an uplifting vibe making it must for all psychedelic lovers worldwide.

Manifestor, Static Illusion !!! WAKE UP IN A DREAM EP !!! Profound Rec.

Track list
1.Manifestor,Static Illusion .Wake Up In A Dream.Original Mix
2.Manifestor,Static Illusion . All Existence.Original Mix
3.Manifestor . Impact. Original Mix

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Imaginarium is the newborn alias of Nikola Gasic, better known as Sonic Entity. Having his first release with BMSS Records, Imaginarium is here to take you on a new journey into the deeper realms of Psychedelic Trance, filled with a mixture of old school sounds, cutting edge production techniques and hypnotic atmospheres, the result is high-explosive dance floor material!


Track list
1.Imaginarium . Nature of Consciousness . Original Mix
2.Imaginarium . Keep Going . Original Mix

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Side Effects – Freedom !!! Iono-Music !!!

To unlock to gates to Freedom  Side Effects, aka Yarden Yogev & Tzahi Geller, are here to help. Equipped with professional sound skills Side Effects have already proved their abilities to explored unknown lands of Psychedelica. They unleashed their powers through their various releases – the EPs One Man’s Vision, Complete Control, Black Hole and of course their debut album – City on Mars. Now it is time to set the Freedom out……..

Side Effects - Freedom !!! Iono-Music !!!

Track list

01. Side Effects – Freedom
02. Side Effects – Indian Spirit
03. Ritmo & Nok – New World Order (Side Effects Remix)
04. Side Effects – Resting Souls

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Goa Session by Liquid Soul !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

After the debut release of our new “GOA SESSIONS” series with “Protonica”. We bring you the ever anticipated second round! As he endeavors to open his magic musical treasure chest for us, this time nobody could do it better than switzerland‘s world renowned producer Nicola Capobianco aka “Liquid Soul”. Providing to us his undivided attention to present you with 2 cD‘s.
An overview of his real taste & knowledge into our progressive trance scene.
The result is a fantastic journey, beginning with smooth, driving Morning Trance transcending into deep grooving psychedelic progressive trance………

Goa Session by Liquid Soul !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

CD 1 Goa Session by Liquid Soul

1. Motion Drive & Vertex – Transcendence
2. Liquid Soul – I See The Spirit
3. Liquid Soul – Precious
4. Liquid Soul & DJ Dream – Liquid Dream
5. Yotopia – Misperception
6. Liquid Soul & Electric Universe – Liquid Universe
7. Zyce & Talpa – Rip & Sweet
8. Ticon – Hops & Hades
9. Protonica – Floating Point (Liquid Soul Remix)

CD 2 Goa Session by Liquid Soul

1. Bouncerz – Mood Swing
2. Invisible Reality vs Kingpink – Sun Explosion
3. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid – We Come In Peace
4. Liquid Soul & Captain Hook – Liquid Hook
5. Freq – Dreambody (Liquid Soul & Orison Remix)
6. Liquid Soul & Symbolic – Different Reality
7. Gaudium – Anyone Out There
8. Ilai vs Vandeta – Alien Disinformation
9. Lifeforms – Mind Experience

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Lifeforms – Live Set 2014 !!! Iono-Music !!!

This liveset is brought to you by Charlie Molden (UK) and Maor Tsemah (Israel.) These 2 family members have already made their mark on the scene with many EP ́s and releases now on Iono Music. Enjoy their fresh new ‘Liveset 2014′ which they have compiled from their releases over the years.



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Yellow.Sunshine.Explosion !! IN THE BOX, VOL. 2 !!

IN THE BOX, VOL. 2  !!  Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Track list

01. Klopfgeister – Goodbye Goa (The Chromatic Remix)
02. Noktamid & Gordon Bleu – Air Acapulco
03. KDJ Fabio & DJ Benni Moon – Spoken Words
04. Funk Truck – Signals
05. Neelix – Smoke in Mirrors (DJ Bim & M-Sphere Remix)
06. Krama – Rainbow Warriors
07. Invisible Reality – Mind is Music
08. Terahert & Sideform – Spiritual Community
09. Egorythmia – Black Hole
10. E-Clip – Tough Frequency
11. Sideform – High Priest
12. Middle Mode – Deep Habits
13. Relativ – Shadow Walker
14. Sonic Entity – The World Has Changed
15. Lyctum – Euphoria
16. Static Movement – Electronic Sunrise
17. Dejavoo – The Long Run
18. MANMACHINE – Keopsica
19. Champa – Bro
20. Twina – SuperNova
21. Quantum & E-Jekt – Solang Syndrome
22. S- Range vs. BitPulse – Beyond Your Dreams
23. Sirion – Faith and Science
24. Plastic Vibe – Denied Memories
25. Los Tres Gringos – Bounty Hunter

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Helber Gun !! KUKULCAN_REMIXES !! On Music

Helber Gun !!! KUKULCAN_REMIXES !!! 	On Music !!!

Track list
1.Kukulkan._Infinity_Rmx.Original Mix
Infinity, Helber Gun
2.Kukulkan._Sonic_Entity_Rmx.Original Mix
Sonic Entity, Helber Gun
3.Kukulkan_Ilai_Rmx.Original Mix
Ilai, Helber Gun
4.Kukulkan_3D-Ghost_Rmx.Original Mix
Helber Gun, 3D-Ghost

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CHAMPA – TIGER !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

‘TIGER’ is the second album from CHAMPA. After his debut album ‘MY SON’ was released in 2013 to much critical acclaim CHAMPA has travelled globally with his fullon and uplifting psychedelic sounds. He has collaborated with such artists as Ital, Krunch & Lisa Lashes as well as charting regularly on Beatport with his solo tracks & EP’s on globally renowned labels. ‘TIGER’ represents a far more mature production approach. It introduces the audiences to a host of new production talent & collaborative efforts with artists like Mechanimal & Profound & newer talents of Etcetera, Mentalogic & Sati. Plus a special remix of one of his early raving day musical inspirations. ‘TIGER’ takes the listener on a journey through progressive beats to fully charged acid lines, layered with his trademark vocal samples & unrelenting driving bass lines.
CHAMPA - TIGER !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

Track list
1.Mechanimal,Champa . Imagine. Original Mix
2.Champa . A Train Trip . Original Mix
3.Champa . Stay . Original Mix
4.Profound,Champa . See the Colours . Original Mix
5.Champa,Cybernaut .Califrae . Champa Remix
6.Champa . Noa . Original Mix
7.Champa, Etcetera .Shrooms . Original Mix
8.Champa, Mentalogic .My Order . Original Mix
9.Champa, Sati .This Is Why I’m Hot . Original Mix

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Opposite8 – Brain Drain !!! Iono Music !!!

It is hard to keep still when the vibrations start to kick in. It shakes the whole ground, objects and bodies around the area. The sonic avalanche hits everything in its path, sweeping even immaterial particles, creating Brain Drain across the globe into one huge sink, which is the dance floor. All the atoms become enmeshed into one liquid mix, creating a giant wave that explodes into multiple directions.
The trigger who instigated this wave are Opposite8, aka Kobi Kastoriano and Idan Hos from Israel. The duo has sent many waves to the Psychedelic Trance ocean since the 1990s in many labels such as Krembo, Hed Arzi, Digital Underground and more. After several releases on our hub such as Real Faces, Force Fiction (with Solarix), and Flight Mode, it is time for yet another vibration to come out.
It is another form of distraction, to spread some Sun Fizz across the sky so you would not notice the Brain Drain that is happening behind the curtains. It follows with a Fuzzy Yellow Rose which appears at the background, it is, in fact, a source code which opens up the Magnetic Field created by Flexus.
Dont miss it !!!

Opposite8 - Brain Drain !!! Iono Music !!!

Track list
01. Opposite8 – Sun Fizz
02. Opposite8 – Fuzzy Yellow Rose
03. Flexus – Magnetic Field (Opposite8 Remix)

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Ritmo – Package !!! Iono Music !!!

Winter is coming, and this is a wonderful time to lock yourself in a sonic cocoon and dive into magical melodies. We have prepared the perfect soundtrack for such a musical experience that will keep you in a loop that you will not want to get out of. After careful selection, we picked only the finest tunes of Ritmo’s, aka Dubi Dagan, and blended all of his stories into one mythological tale.……..

Ritmo - Package !!! Iono Music !!!

Track list
01. Ritmo – The Truth
02. Ritmo – Dream & Reality 03. Ritmo & Rocky – Floater 04. Ritmo – Artificial Sound
05. Ritmo & Zen Mechanics – Imprint
06. Ritmo – Follow Me
07. Ritmo & Sphera – Thoughts & Ideas
08. Ritmo & Egorythmia – Spin It
09. Ritmo – The War Against The Machines
10. MUTe – On/Off (Ritmo Remix)
11. Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
12. Ritmo & Sphera – Predictable
13. Suntree – Big Bang (Ritmo Remix)
14. Ritmo – Lego Tech (Sphera Remix)
15. Ritmo – At The Beginning
16. MUTe – Space & Time (Ritmo Remix)
17. Suntree – Unseen (Ritmo Remix)
18. Ritmo & Nok – New world order (Egorythmia Remix)
19. Ritmo – Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix)
20. Vibrasphere – Wasteland (Ritmo Remix)

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