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Protonica – Horizon EP – Out now !!! Iono Music !!!

Guiding your way to the Horizon are Protonica, aka Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze  from Berlin, Germany. After two successful albums – Search (2007) and Form Follows Function (2012), Protonica have been placed high in the psychedelic galaxy. In this journey they take you once more to an unknown Horizon, although the destination is unknown, pleasure is guaranteed.









Track list :
01. Protonica – Horizon
02. Protonica – Greece (Atmos Remix)

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NEW HEALING FESTIVAL !!! Music * Art * Inspiration *

By : Daniel Schneider and Jens Zygar
Start on :
25 august at 12 PM until 31 august 11 PM

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New leading Festival with some of the best Ambient Lounge and Trance DJs !!



Goa Trance Vol.26 by Tulla !! Out on Yellow Sunshine !!!

Goa Trance Vol.26 by Tulla !! Out on Yellow Sunshine !!!


GOA TRANCE VOL. 26 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement.

In more than 140 minutes running time DJ Tulla presents you the whole spectrum of this Gen- re, all tunes ranging from Progressive Goa Trance to pure Psychedelic Trance with artists such as: Ace Ventura, Skyfall, E-Clip, Radial, Liquid Soul, Ticon, Suntree & Egorythmia and more.







Track list

1. Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters – The Encounter
2. Skyfall – Nano Chip Remix
3. Time in Motion – Dreamscape (Odd Sequence Remix)
4. Enarxis – Dreamport
5. E-Clip – Cosmic Religion
6. Middle Mode – Reborn
7. Radial – Standing Ovation
8. Liquid Soul – Consciousness
9. Talpa – Going Home

1. Ticon – Hopes Of Hades
2. Ace Ventura – Precense (O.T.B Remix)
3. Suntree & Egorythmia – Earth Consciousness
4. Sonic Sense – Alone In the Dark
5. Ace Ventura & Timelock – 51 (Skyfall Remix)
6. Time in Motion – Day Dream (Static Movement Remix)
7. Zyce & Talpa – Rip & Sweet
8. Yoake – Tagada
9. Vini Vici – Parallel Universe

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INKEL, GALACTRIXX !!! Cosmic Noise EP !! Out on Binary Audio Machinery

INKEL, GALACTRIXX !!! Cosmic Noise EP !! Out on Binary Audio Machinery

This is the next relase of the Greek Connection and Inkel is for sure not serving Gyros! This time we have a 3 Tracker out of which we have one versus track with Galactrixx, following the previous versus EP. Again this is an EP which follows in the footsteps of the previous Inkel releases and just nodges it a bit up. This time we have something a bit more faster and in between prog and psy! listen for yourself! Inkel Music is the progressive trance project of George Koutsiou from Thessaloniki, Greece. His first contact with music production started in 2004, until today he experimented with a wide range of Progressive Sound from atmospheric synth to pumping basslines. Releasing on lables such as BAM Records and cooperating with other label as Multiplex Records, Headstick Digital.

Track list
1. Inkel. Cosmic Noise Original Mix
2. Inkel. Magnetic Fields Original Mix
3. Inkel, GalactrixX .Dead Love Original Mix

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SPINAL FUSION !! Intergalactic Travel EP !! Out on Profound Rec .

 SPINAL FUSION !! Intergalactic Travel  EP !! Out on Profound Rec .


We are glad to announce the Spinal Fusion’s EP: Intergalactic Travel On Profound Records. Already making an Impact on the global dancefloor with his earlier EP and few singles and now he is back with 3 New Fresh Dancefloor blasters. This EP will surely make some massive movements on all the global dance floors. It features on strong,complex FX and highly detailed sonic manipulation which will create a massive psychedelic storm which is right for any dance floor and must have tracks for the Dj Bags. Get ready to travel between Galaxies.





Track list

1.Spinal Fusion.Unleashed Original Mix
2.Spinal Fusion.Intergalactic Travel Original Mix
3.Spinal Fusion.Psychological Effects Original Mix

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Atomizers – We Share EP – Out now on Iono-Music !!!

Atomizers - We Share EP - Out now on Iono-Music !!!



Atomizers is a new project by Techyon, aka Pedro Stones & Ivan Pereira and Skyfall, aka Daniel Bernardo (otherwise known as Menog). This wild bunch joined forces to create a new sonic sphere that will amalgamate all their artistic atoms and explode in a new and improved manner…

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Track list
01.Atomizers – We Share
02.Roger Rabbit vs Egorythmia – Spiritual Science (Atomizers Remix)
03.Zyce & Aquafeel – I am the Sun Light (Atomizers Remix)

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CUBIXX !! SUMMER VIBES JULY 2014 !! Out on Iono-Music !!!

CUBIXX !! SUMMER VIBES JULY 2014 !! Out on Iono-Music


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Track list :
1. E-Clip – Zen Mechanics . Flashback (Original Mix)
2. Sonic Sense – Alone in the Dark (Original Mix)
3. Avshi – Lemon Haze (Original Mix)
4. Side Effects – City On Mars (Original Mix)
5. Suntree – Back to the Source . Egorythmia, Dual Resonance Remix
6. E-Clip, Future Frequency – Little Universe .Original Mix
7. Time In Motion – Day Dream . Side Effects Remix
8. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On .Cyrus the Virus Remix
9. Egorythmia, E-Clip – Time Travellers (Original Mix)
10. Silo, Humerous – The Ward (Original Mix)

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LUPIN, OWNTRIP !!! WELCOME TO MY TRIP !!! Out on Ovnimoon Rec.



This huge release is not to be missed as Lupin and Owntrip have honored Ovnimoon Records with two amazing uplifting and feet pounding progressive psy tracks with the simple title “Welcome to my Trip” these songs are sure to be welcome addition to many dj’s musical adventures this summer.







Track list 

1. Lupin,Owntrip . Quantic Smoke Original Mix
2. Lupin,Owntrip .Welcome to my Trip Original Mix

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VERTEX !! EP TRIBAL WHISPER !! Out on TesseracTstudio !!!

 VERTEX !! EP  TRIBAL WHISPER !! Out on TesseracTstudio !!!


TesseracTstudio is proud to present new EP under name “Tribal Whisper” from the label project “VERTEX”. EP include collaboration feat. Suduaya, and one remix of Phaxe track “Infused” !









Track list
1. Phaxe,Vertex.Infused.Vertex Remix
2. Vertex Tribal.Whisper.Original Mix
3. Vertex, Suduaya.Apolon.Original Mix

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PHYSIS !!! EP- THE SENTINEL Out on Uxmal Rec .

PHYSIS !!!  EP- THE SENTINEL Out on Uxmal Rec .


We are happy to announce the debut ep of Physis from Mexico. This ep includes 3 original tracks of Progressive Trance Off beat style.










Track list
1.Physis .The Sentinel Original Mix
2.Physis . New Earth Original Mix
3.Physis . Sentry RobotsOriginal Mix

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Goa Beach Vol.24 by DJ Bim !! Out on Yellow Sunshine !!

Goa Beach Vol.24 by DJ Bim !! Out on Yellow Sunshine !!

GOA BEACH VOL. 24 is like every time a powerful, double CD edition packed with the finest GOA Trance and 10 finest Lounge Music Production‘s, a well tried and tested concept which has been proven to be very successful amongst our loyal followers.
This is the perfect entry point to the Summer 2014 and this time, it has been compiled by DJ Bim, you can‘t find anyone better for the job with top acts such as SUNTREE, Aerospace, Mr.Suspect & Hi Profile, Sonic Sense or Infinity, Space Hypnose, TOR.MA In Dub, Taboo, Mindwave and Motion Drive. GOA BEACH VOL. 24 will please your mind , body and soul.






Track list

1. Time in Motion – Genetic
(Invisible Reality Remix)
2. Suntree – Outside
3. Aerospace – E 2 B
4. Mr.Suspect & Hi Profile – Learn And Listen
5. Twin – Cosmic Pulse
6. Quantanoize – Game Plan
7. Dual Vision – Break The Silence
(Quantanoize Remix)
8. Sonic Sense – Come Down To Earth
9. SiLo & Humerous – Great Life

1. Ailo – Chronos
2. Infinity – Recovery Of Consciousness
3. Invisible Reality – Simplicity (Space Hypnose Remix)
4. TOR.MA In Dub – Coconut Breeze
5. Taboo – Lost Worlds
6. Mindwave – Sacred Experience (Feat. Spinney Lainey)
7. N.A.S.A. – Rising Twilight
8. Nasser – T3ali (Come To Me)
9. Jaia – Epsilon (Tesseract Remix)
10. Motion Drive – Chill Bill

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CIRCULAR !! Moon Pool !! Out on Ultimae Rec.

Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik invite you in a pure ambient story in 8 chapters. An album that will drive you further and deeper into sound. At times evanescent, ethereal, at times on a rolling ride. Subtle blend of synthesis and organic instrumentations, Circular’s new album reveals the artists’ cross-genre inspirations, from the downtempo ballad, to minimalistic electronica glide and the ambidrum’n’bass collaboration with Vincent Villuis / AES Dana. Delightful and astonishing!






Track list :
2.Selenic Light
3.Theory of Tides
5.3 Moons
6.Imbrium (featuring AES Dana)

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Avshi – Lemon Haze !!! Out on Iono-Music !!


Avshi, aka Avshalom Elmaliach, from Israel is a new comer to the Psycedelic sky and this is his second release at Iono Music familia. His unique sound has caught our attention and we have a feeling it will catch yours as well :)…..









Track list :
01. Avshi – Lemon Haze
02. Avshi – Inner Sun
03. Suntree – Life on Earth (Avshi Remix)

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Elegy !! VA – Progitaly !! Out on SADHU Rec. !!!

Elegy !! VA - ProgItaly !! Out on  SADHU Rec. !!!



Searching to unite and collect italian progressive artists who are living in our out the italian borders….










Track list :

1.CIMI.High As A Kyte
3.ELEGY.Captured In A Dream
4.MENTAL FLOW.Fahrenheit
7.TECHYON.Ng-101 (Elegy rmx)

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