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E-Clip – Into the Void !!! Out on Iono-Music !!!



Press mute. Feel all the sounds slowly disappearing, bit by bit escaping the dimension you just entered. Now there is a mesmerizing silence. You are floating Into the Void. It is a unique moment where you slide into a Zen state of mind. You ego is gone, along with any disturbing voices and noise that have been running through your brain for so long. Linger and subsume into this sensation, time is of no consequence. Now, press play, and enter
E-Clip’s Into the Void.






Track list :

01. E-Clip vs. Zen Mechanics – Flashback
02. E-Clip – Human Instincts
03. E-Clip – Endless Symphony
04. E-Clip & Future Frequency – Little Universe
05. E-Clip vs. Zyce – Flying Objects
06. E-Clip – Cosmic Religion
07. E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix) 0
8. E-Clip vs. Symbolic – Live your life
09. E-Clip & Egorythmia – Starstuf

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Funky Dragon !!! Jungle Tribe EP !!! Out on Iono-Music !!!


Our urban surrounding is distracting. It is hard to connect with our sensorium when the avalanche of noise is all around us. This is why we must take a break, step out of the chaos and enter into a sonic tranquillity. This is a sort of Jungle Tribe that is hidden in a magical forest, just waiting for you to discover it. Are you coming?This sonic path could be unlocked for you with the help of Funky Dragon Funky, aka Igor Cuculovic from Serbia. After joining the Iono Music family in 2007, and releasing his 2nd album Massive – the only way was up! This is another gem from Cuculovic who will grab your attention and focus your senses on a total eargasm………. more  click here





Track list :

01. Funky Dragon – Jungle Tribe
02. Funky Dragon – Drum ‘n’ Dance
03. Side Effects – Paranoia (Funky Dragon Remix)


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Sun Trap remixes by ALWOODS !!! Altar Records !!!

Sun Trap remixes by ALWOODS !!! Altar Records !!!



Sun Trap remixes!

Taken from Alwood’s “Aeolian Mode” debut album and amazingly remixed by well known Altar artists.

Perfect for Dj’s who are looking for new psychill/chill-progressive tracks!







Track list :

1.Erot remix
2.Cabeiri remix
3.Merlin remix
4.Dreamstalker remix
5.Astralwoods ‘Buddha spirit’ remix

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SOAX !!! THE STRONGER REMIXES !! Out on Savva Rec.



Soax from Italy presents the new Song The Stronger and 6 amazing Remixes from Toxic Universe ,Geomag,Era,Tura,Maokaiand Hoop feel the progressive power









Track list :

1.The Stronger . Era Remix
Soax, Era
2.The Stronger . Geomag Remix
Geomag, Soax
3.The Stronger . Hoop Remix
Soax, Hoop
4.The Stronger . Maokai Remix
Soax, Maokai
5.The Stronger . Orginal
6.The Stronger . Toxic Universe Remix
Toxic Universe, Soax
7.The Stronger . Tura Remix
Tura, Soax

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Goa 2014 – Vol.3 Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

The 3rd GOA 2014 Edition is again a carefully selected journey into the world of Progressive Tunes from the leading artists of that genre.
Compiled by DJ BIM & DJ Bazooka from Iono Music / Hamburg, GOA 2014 excites over
2 hours with „Hands In The Air“ Morning Trance and deep progressive psychedelic Trance material out there. Features artists are
E-Clip & Egorythmia, Lifeforms , Roger Rabbit,
Side Effects & Timeless, Sideform and many more, all contributing to this fantastic double pack suitable for the lover of Progressive moods and Psychedelic excess.






Track list :

1. Mr. Suspect – Archetype
2. Aerospace – Into The Sun
3. Fire Starter – Impact
4. Perceptors – Jumping
5. Bamboo Forest vs Kingpink – Groove In Paradise
6. Egorythmia – Beyond Gravity (Techyon Remix)
7. E-Clip & Egorythmia – Highest Technology (Lifeforms Remix)
8. Lifeforms – Disclosure
9. Darma – Deep Hole (Roger Rabbit Remix)

1. Sonic Sense vs. Invisible Reality – Invisible Sense
2. Side Effects & Timeless – Alien Invasion
3. Time in Motion – Energy (Sonic Sense Remix)
4. Sonic Entity – Temple Of Light
5. Space Hypnose – Animal Instincts
6. E-Clip – Streamline
7. Sideform – Angaraka
8. Relativ vs V-Society – Beyond Reality
9. Argonnight – Magic Mushroom

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SEP 13 / 14 Bims 50th Birthday Bang !!!

By : Andreas Bim Binotsch
Start : 13 september at 10 pm until 14 september 11 am
More Info click here

    A journey into Modern ProgressiveFull On - Goa Trance - And Real Old School 

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Tree Circuit !!! NEW UNIVERSE . EP !!! Out on Profound Rec.

Tree Circuit !!! NEW UNIVERSE . EP !!! Out on Profound Rec.













Tree Circuit is a upcoming solo project of the Brazilian Producer Carlos Michael.Here we present you his Brand New EP Called “New Universe“.
His music can best be described as powerful Psychedelic Trance with deep basslines and cutting edge leads and fx.After releasing his two previous EP,this will be his third EP which will be having two original tracks and one remix track which he has made for Disorder.Fasten your seat belts as this one is surley going take you to a psychedelic journey.

Track list :

1.Tree Circuit – New Universe
2.Tree Circuit – All Right Brain
3.Disorder – Grooverphonics (Tree Circuit RMX)

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By : HugAri Hugoa / Marc O Bavaria / Club Charlotte
Start 21 june at 9pm
More info click here



By : Freak Reflection click here
Start 14 june at 11pm
More info click here


Goa Culture Vol.14 !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

Goa Culture Vol.14 !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!














The Goa Culture Series goes in the 14th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration between Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and England‘s Goa Trance Legend DJ Shane Goby from the well known Trance Label Alchemy Records. Goa Culture Vol. 14 is an outstanding journey into the world of psychedelic progressive and Goa Trance the ultimate soundtrack for the summer 2014, full of uplifting melodies and massive grooves with an edge.

CD 1

1. Time in Motion – Day Dream (Side Effects Remix)
2. Egorythmia – Dusty Groove (Sonic Entity Remix)
3. Skyfall – Triplet
4. Infinity & Reverse – Welcome To The Future
5. Space Hypnose – Drums In The Depths
6. Darma – Paradigma
7. Lifeforms – Equinox
8. Shyisma – Indaco
9. Fire Starter – Moonlanding

CD 2
1. Nitrodrop vs Basic – Fakebook
2. M3SS – D3light
3. First Flex – Bright Lights
4. M-Theory vs Pixel – Receptor
5. Rinkadink – We Can Build You ( Outsiders Remix )
6. Sonic Species – Generation X
7. M-Theory vs Zen Mechanics – Ultrasonic
8. Funk Truck – Freedom Is For All
9. Sonic Species – Zero

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SUNTREE – Outside !!! Out on Monday 9 june – On Iono Music

SUNTREE - Outside !!! Out on Monday 9 june - On Iono Music













Open up your sensorium, your touch, vision, smell, and sound – feel what’s Outside of you in order to digest it into a new amalgamation of existence, a new sonic vortex opening just for you. After his debut album Inside in 2009, that focused on his inner creations, Suntree, aka Alon Brillant, comes with a remix album that brings everything that was Outside and boiled it into a new conceptual framework. All the leading artists in the scene were summoned to give their interpretations to Suntree’s tracks. Outsiders translation of Suntree ……..

Track list :

01. Suntree – Outside
02. Suntree – Freedom
03. Suntree – The Bing Bang (Ritmo Remix)
04. Suntree – Lonesome Dream (Sphera Remix)
05. Suntree – Inside (Gaudium Remix)
06. Suntree – Back to the Source (Egorythmia & Dual Resonance Remix)
07. Suntree – Private Guide (Zyce Remix)
08. Suntree – Fear and Love (Mindwave Remix)
09. Suntree – Expectations


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Darma vs Egorythmia EP “Robotics ” Out on Solar Tech Rec.

Darma vs Egorythmia EP "Robotics " Out on Solar Tech Rec.













Darma and Egorythmia are proud to present their massive, unprecedented, collaborative EP, “Robotics” coming out on Solar Tech Records!  This smashing new EP presents fans with two absolutely breathtaking collaborations between these two veteran artists.  “Lucid Dream” starts out with a blast, pounding listeners with high energy ripping acid leads, and driving intelligent progressive basslines.  The release titled “Robotics” presents a more funky light hearted soundscape, all the while remaining high energy and perfectly crafted for today’s modern Progressive Psychedelic Trance floors!  As a package the EP presents two uniquely ground breaking journeys through sound, and is the perfect addition for the DJ bag, and collectors of high quality Progressive Psychedelic Trance music!

Track list :

01. Darma vs Egorythmia – Lucid Dream
02. Darma vs Egorythmia – Robotics

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DANSKO !!!! FORGIVENESS EP !!! Out on Savva Rec.

DANSKO  !!!!  FORGIVENESS EP !!! Out on Savva Rec.













Track list :
1.Dansko . Forgiveness Original Mix
2.Dansko . Intravenous Original Mix
3.Dansko . Back Again Original Mix
4.Dansko . Fucked Original Mix

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RADIAL ! ALIEN OBSESSION EP . Out on Yellow Sunshine EXplosion !!!

RADIAL ! ALIEN OBSESSION EP . Out on Yellow Sunshine EXplosion !!!

Radial, aka Amir Ben Natan, from Israel. Amir is known for his Full-On project Chichke but Radial is his new Progressive Psy project that seeks to explore extra terrestrial lands. Armed with atmospheric, melodic, and groovy sounds, Radial will take you on a voyage to your soul. This Alien Obsession has exploded in various time periods when humans felt they had to get to the bottom of what is perceived as a foreign affair. Warning signs that said – Watch Out – were spread all over across nations and organizations that were mainly scared of anything that was not familiar to them. It might take some time until such life forms will receive a Standing Ovation for surviving conditions that humans could never go through, but before that there needs to be a better communication between the sides. After that, the sky is the limit!



Track list :

1. Radial . Alien Obsession Original Mix
2. Radial . Watch Out Original Mix
3.Radial . Standing Ovation Original Mix

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Middle Mode / Half Life EP !!! Out on BMSS Rec.

Middle Mode / Half Life EP !!! Out on  BMSS Rec.



Middle Mode latest EP contains a special formula, a mix of psychedelic and progressive but with a huge retro flavor to produce a space perfect for any dance floor. The pair have been producing music since 2004 and now present Half Life, their first release on BMSS Records that brings with it deep psychedelic atmospheres with driving baselines and cutting edge production skills.






Track list :

01: Middle Mode / Half Life
02: Middle Mode / Multiverse

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Sonic Sense – Alone in the Dark Out on Iono Music !!!

Sonic Sense - Alone in the Dark Out on Iono Music !!!

Sonic Sense, aka Igal Yakubov from Israel. Yakubov started his affair with Psytrance from a young age, and after a while realized he must deepen his involvement in the scene. He started to dj in 2008 as Vocal Designer, and 2 years later formed Timeless together with Tal Aboudy.
In order to take courage and fight the thought of being Alone in the Dark, one must summon Sonic Sense to balance the energetic sonic atmosphere in the room. Then you should Come Down to Earth with your rejuvenated forces and spread your atom pieces according to the beat.






Track list :

01. Sonic Sense – Alone in the Dark
02. Sonic Sense – Come down to Earth

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Digital Mantra – Compilation Out on NATARAJA Rec.

Digital Mantra - Compilation Out on NATARAJA Rec.


Since the dawn of times, music gathered people. Allowing them to take control of their own lives by the way of trance and dance, it has the very particular ability to dissolve the usual boundaries of the perceptions and to emphasize consciousness expansion.

Through history, music and dance have established themselves as a strong vector to transcendence, being one of the most popular way to an intense experience. In our times, the soundtrack to the modern rituals of trance are coming in a digital shape, as the mantras to a collective meditation.

Selected by Dj Tim, those nine progressive tracks are the soundtrack to a whole psychedelic story, crafted to lead the listeners to self-elevation.

Track list :

1. Sunny Spell . ABSTRACT LAYERS
2. Breeze . SUDUAYA
3. Back to life . INNERSHADE, ALTER EGO
4. BurningBabylon . RELATIV (Zyce rmx)
5. Apache Rythm . OXILITE
6. Pulsar . NERSO, ORI
7. Twisted Trip . STATIC MOVEMENT
8. Emily’s Shit . DLB (Out of Jetlag rmx)
9. Boating on the Seine . E-MOV
10. Sunny Dusk . LUNAROOT

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