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Skyfall !!! Regenerate !!! Out on Nano Rec.

Skyfall !!!  Regenerate !!! Out on Nano Rec.



Daniel Bernardo has been Portugals most favoured Psy Trance star for many years with his project Menog.
Now he presents his latest project on Nano records, Skyfall.
On ‘Regenerate’ Skyfall remixes Psy Trance classics with his driving progressive style, featuring reworked anthems from the likes Deedrah, Astrix, Loud, Ace Ventura and TimeLock, Phaxe and Ectima, Pixel and M-Theory, Zen Mechanics and Loud, Techyon and Mother Womb plus a new remix of his own track ‘Nano Chip’.





Track list :

1. Nano Chip rmx
2. Reload (Skyfall rmx)
3. 51 (Skyfall rmx)
4. Vicious Cycles (Skyfall rmx)
5. Dustortion (Skyfall rmx)
6. Crystal Zombie (Skyfall rmx)
7. Receptors (Skyfall rmx)
8. Fountain of light (Skyfall rmx)
9. Network (Skyfall rmx)

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ELSEWHERE, WAVEFORM . ALLADIN !!! Out on Landmark Rec .

ELSEWHERE, WAVEFORM . ALLADIN !!! Out on Landmark Rec .
















Track list :
1. Elsewhere Alladin . Original Mix
2. Elsewhere Pop Killer . Original Mix
3. Waveform, Elsewhere . Hi Tek Original Mix

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SUDUAYA / LYCTUM !!! INNER POWER EP !!! Out on Digital Om .



Our Body , Mind & Soul are guided by an energy that we all have within us , its a source of creation as well as destruction called Inner Power .
Progressive psytrance .









Track list :
1. Suduaya . Inner Power Original Mix
2. Lyctum, Suduaya Atmospheric probe Suduaya Remix

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…:::RELEASE THE DRAGON:::…. 30 May 2014 !!!

By : Ivan Filipe Neves Pereira AND… more info  click here
30 may 2014

Progressive psytrance,psytrance….

...:::RELEASE THE DRAGON:::.... 30 May 2014 !!!

*CONNECTED DIMENSIONS* 28 may 2014 !!!

Start the 28  at 11 pm

More info click here

Psytrance….progressive psytrance….techno….chill…….  

 *CONNECTED DIMENSIONS* 28 may 2014 !!!

Goa Trance Vol.50 !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!

Goa Trance Vol.50 !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion !!!



Yellow Sunshine Explosion is coming up with the 50th edition of the Goa Vol. Series.
Compiled by Dj Prozak also known as Champa. This double CD pack is a very carefull selection of high quality Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trance take from todays wide spread range of GoaTrance. Featuring Artists like Roger Rabbit, Side Effects, Motion Drive, Champa, Egorythmia, Sonic Sense vs. Time In Motion, and many more!

This CD is a perfect journey thru out of Space, including 9 unreleased tracks.

Track list:
CD 1
1. 28 – The Mystery Of Mallory (Original Mix)
2. Pop Art – Rain Or Shine
3. Fasma – The Subconscious (Original Mix)
4. Drop-D – Something Else (Original Mix)
5. Roger Rabbit – Burn Out
6. Ritmo & Nok – New World Order (Egorythmia Remix)
7. Sonic Sense vs. Time in Motion – Red Zone
8. Egorythmia – Night Sight (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
9. Liquid Soul – Push (Side Effects Remix)

CD 2
1. Perfect Stranger – Sweet Water Dolphin (Motion Drive Remix)
2. Champa – A Great Feeling (Offline Remix)
3. Liquid Space – Offrider
4. Ilai – Sweet Life (Original Mix)
5. Civa – Algorythm (Original Mix)
6. Profound – Rolling Frequencies (Original Mix)
7. Mechanimal – Reflections (Original Mix)
8. Side Effects – Voices In My Head
9. Krunch – Combinador (Champa Remix)

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Soultool !!! Soulcatcher – EP Out on Savva Rec !!!
















Track list :
1.Soultool.Liquid Voices
2.Soultool.We are united

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ARGONNIGHT.SPINNEY LAINEY – EP – Out on Ovnimoon Rec !!!

Argonnight - shadows - ovnimoon rec.














Track list :
1.Argonnight. Shadows Original Mix
2.Argonnight,Spinney Lainey.Forest Elves Original Mix

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SiLo & Humerous – New Path – Out now On Iono – Music !!!!


After the cold winter, new wind is blowing, new flowers are starting to show their colours – it is a New Path. Washing away the long nights, a ray of sun starts to sparkle and shine over our heads and elevate our spirit. This tinkling feeling of the skin coming off, only to be covered with a new skin energized by an avalanche of colours. Yes, we are ready.

This path was curved by SiLo, aka Karl Douglas and Humerous, aka David Miller from Cape Town, South Africa. These two joined forces in order to move to sonic bulldozers which will carve the New Path. Both Humerous and SiLo have been involved with PsyTrance for the past 10 years now, and now they are ready to dig their psychedelic highway……….



Track list :

01. SiLo & Humerous – New Path
02. SiLo & Humerous – The Ward
03. SiLo & Humerous – Great Life

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ELEGY !!! DEEPER GROUND EP !!! Out on Kupuri Music !!!

ELEGY !!!   DEEPER GROUND EP !!! Out on Kupuri Music !!!


From the underground european trance scene to the world and lifting up at the speed of sound becoming one of the most active and talented producers in the global scene, Elegy delivers this progressive 3 track journey exploring the uncharted territories & sonic blissful realms of the universe while taking us into a Deeper ground of reality.








Track List :

1.Elegy.Deeper Ground Part 1
2.Elegy.Deeper Ground Part 2
3.Elegy.Ancient World Original Mix

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Odd Sequence – Cyclads EP !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion


There is a place surrounded by enchanting water, along with never ending horizons that make you feel like you merge with nature. This fresh breath that enters your body fills you with a new energy source, something you’ve never experienced before. It is exciting, it is exhilarating, it is Cyclads. Odd Sequence, aka Chris Kleitsas from Greece has given us a glimpse of the magical environment he took inspiration from……..


Progressive psytrance …. 






Track List :

1.Odd Sequence . Pure Energy Original Mix
2.Odd Sequence . Cyclads Original Mix
3.Odd Sequence . Expanding Web Original Mix

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VuuV | 2014 ► A new chapter of the legend !!!

By : VuuV official Fanpage 
Start on :
7 august at 6pm until 11 august 6am 
More info   click here

 VuuV | 2014 ► A new chapter of the legend !!!

VuuV is back. Fresh, well rested and party-loving as rarely before: The creative break of last year has been well worth it! For existing crew, new creative minds we have added. A new team has evolved and with it, many new ideas, bucketloads of fresh motivation and therefore the perfect foundation to continue building the legend which Germany’s oldest psytrance festival has become…….

SOURCE CODE !!!! EP .TIME TRAVEL !!! Out on Sadhu Rec.
















Track list :

1.Source Code . The Moon Original Mix
2.Source Code . Time Travel Original Mix
3.Source Code . Under Pressure Original Mix

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Sonic Entity – Lysergic – Out now on Iono-Music !!!

Sonic Entity - Lysergic !!! Release date: 12/05/ 2014 On Iono-Music !!!


Sometimes when you open your eyes in the morning there is a moment when you are not sure if you are still in a dream or in reality. This is a Lysergic twilight that lingers for what seems to be a timeless zone of liquid colours and floating objects. This magical moment is ideal for absorbing new and radical ideas that can transform your whole Sonic Entity.

Sliding into this unique moment, Sonic Entity, aka Nikola Gasic, from Belgrade, Serbia. After a decade of juggling various positions in the Progressive and Psychedelic Trance scene he decided to jump into the sonic waters and join the experiment himself…….




Track list :

01. Sonic Entity – Lysergic
02. Sonic Entity – Temple Of Light
03. Egorythmia – Dusty Groove (Sonic Entity Remix)

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GOA TRANCE VOL.25 !!! Out on Yellow Sunshine !!!



Since the 24st edition, the GOA TRANCE Series has been compiled by Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ Tulla and except amazing new material on GOA TRANCE VOL. 25. Tulla‘s approach always has an objective focous on the whole Trance Movement, selecting the best releases from well known but sometimes also unknown Record Labels.
GOA TRANCE VOL. 25 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement.
Progressive Goa Trance to pure Psychedelic Trance




Track list :

1. Infinity – Revolutionary (2012 Edit)
2. Redrosid – Odd Frequencies
3. Side Effects – Landscapes Of Imaginations
4. Sonic Sense – Fricky Tricky
5. Symbolic & Outsiders – High Hopes
6. Sonic Species – Just Another Freak
7. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On (Cyrus The Virus Remix)
8. Outsiders – Crossing Fx
9. Ital – Atman

1. Dropkick – Faith On Roads
2. Suntree & Sphera – Rush Hour
3. Monolock – Sick Kick, Melody (Illegal Substances Remix)
4. Vertical Mode – Modular Pitch (Nepal Live Edit)
5. Liquid Soul – Adrenaline (Kingpink Remix)
6. Aerospace & Motion Drive – Strange Dreams (Hi Profile Remix)
7. Opposite8 – Digital Regeneration
8. Simply Wave – Space & Time
9. Static Movement vs. Cyrus the Virus – Static Virus

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Outreach !!! Whispers of the Shadow EP out on GEOMAGNETIC TV


Outreach !!!  Whispers of the Shadow EP out on  GEOMAGNETIC TV


French PsyTrance Project from Paris
Fullon Night

Artist click here












Track list :
1.OUTREACH . System Destruction
2.OUTREACH . Proxy Engage
3.OUTREACH . Snatch (Natural Disorder rmx)

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GAUDIUM – BEST OF MY SETS, VOL. 10 !!! Iboga Rec.


GAUDIUM - BEST OF MY SETS, VOL. 10   !!! Iboga Rec.



Gaudium here delivers a massive psy-trance compilation in the know BEST OF MY SETS series on Iboga Records. He has personally hand picked all the tunes from friends and colleges in the scene the past 8 month and it has resulted in a very groovy and rocking result.








Track list :

01. Gaudium – Anyone out There
02. ARCTIC – Where do we go next
03. Ticon – Ekstreme Memories
04. Time in Motion & Phony Orphants –
05. Captain Hook & Loud – Walk the plank (Logica remix)
06. Rocky – Priority Reboot (Sad Paradise remix)
07. Static Movement vs System Error – Rebirth of science
08. Liquid Soul – Clean mind (Sideform remix)
09. Side Effects – I see the future
10. Vice – A Journey on Barefeet
11. Roger Rabbit – Illusion in a bottle
12. Blanka – Mad men
13. Suntree & Egorythmia – Earth Consciousness
14. Orion – Dark side of the spoon
15. Critical Choice (Gaudium remix)
16. Sad Paradise – Grinder
17. Major7 vs Vini Vici – Back underground
18. Perfect Stranger – Time Warp (Joujouka remix)


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Psychedelic Circus 3D – 2014 !!!

By: Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival
Start : 5 june at 4pm until 9 june 12 pm
More info click here

      ☼ ☮ ☺ ♬ ♭ ♫ シ ☼ ☮ ☺ ♬ ♭ ♫ シ ☼ ☮ ☺ ♬ ♭ ♫ シ ☼ ☮ ☺ ♬ ♭ ♫ シ

 Psychedelic Circus 3D - 2014 !!!

Bergfest im Hundert Morgenwald #3 – 28 mai 2014 !!~!

By : Hundert Morgenwald Events
Start : 28 mai at 10.30 pm until 29 mai at 7am
More info click hereBergfest im Hundert Morgenwald #3 - 28 mai 2014 !!~!

Electit !!! Mental Control EP !!! on POWER HOUSE Rec.

Electit !!! Mental Control EP !!! on POWER HOUSE Rec.




Two songs were composed with the help from Kipi Vibration, a new progressive trance artist from France. Electit album coming soon !!!!









Track list :

2.ELECTIT . Factor X

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MOON TRIPPER !!! MESOPOTAMIA !! Out on Ovnimoon Rec. !!!

MOON TRIPPER !!! MESOPOTAMIA !! Out on Ovnimoon Rec. !!!















Track list :

1.Moon Tripper . Mesopotamia Original Mix
2.Moon Tripper . ProfoundEthnic Chillgressive Mix

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JISER, LONELY FELLOW !!!! SHAKE IT EASY . Out on Spin Twist Rec.

JISER, LONELY FELLOW !!!! SHAKE IT EASY . Out on  Spin Twist Rec.















Track list :
1.Jiser, Lonely Fellow . Easy Original Mix
2.Jiser, Lonely Fellow . Shake Original Mix

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