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D-TWIN !!! LOST 2 INFINITY EP . Out on Digital Nature Rec .

D-TWIN  !!! LOST 2 INFINITY EP . Out on Digital Nature Rec .


Digital Nature Records is extremely happy to announce the launch of Lost 2 Infinity - the amazing new EP/Single of Greek producers D-Twin, (Dimitris Panagiotidis and Dimitris Litsakis), one of the most brilliant acts to emerge from the Greek trance scene in the past 3 years with a score of smashing chart topping releases, played by the scene’s leading DJ’s all over the world. Lost 2 Infinity by D-Twin features 3 brand new previously unreleased original tracks, filled to the brim with bombastic progressive grooves, explosive melodic elements, surprising musical transitions and masterful, modern and super smooth sound production bearing the unique D-Twin sound signature, to create a spectacular musical journey and a massive tool for DJs Must-Check-Out release!


Track list : 

1.D-Twin. Lost 2 Infinity Original Mix
2.D-Twin. Cosmic Pulse Original Mix
3.D-Twin. Chemical Pill Original Mix

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Taboo – Life in The Universe – Out now – Iono Music !!!

Taboo - Life in The Universe - Out now - Iono Music !!!

Taboo – Life In The Universe

Everybody is looking for the meaning of life, that is, what it means to have a Life in the Universe. Religions, spiritual theories and science have tried since the dawn of ages to solve this mystery in order to reach this elusive understanding. But perhaps we do not need to reach the catharsis of a final understanding, maybe we can just accept life as it is and linger in the sonic treasures that Taboo has given us.
This oozing piece is made by Taboo, aka Michael Mordehayov, an Israeli artist (also known as Space Hypnose) originally from Azerbaijan, and slowly conquering the entire psychedelic realm. In this EP Mordehayov leaps back to his Chill-Out origins to deliver the much needed soothing sounds that wrap you in a sea of clouds into the Promised Land.



Track list :
01. Taboo – Life In The Universe
02. Taboo – Astrological Symbol
03. Taboo – Lost Worlds

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By : Boom Festival Official
11 august – 14 august 2014
More info click here

The Utopia After Boom is over. Long Live the Utopia Boom Landing! Join us in manifesting a new approach to fully integrate the Boom experience, from 11th to the 14th August 2014.


Schallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2014

By : Schallkonflikt Open Air  click here
16 mai – 18 mai 2014
Start 16 may 12 AM  until 18 may 9 PM

 Schallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2014

we are glad about presenting you the 9th “Schallkonflikt Open Air” by now. We look forward to open the festivalseason 2014 with you.
We want to thank you for your loyality and your help during the last years. Because you are the ones who have made the festival to what it is today.
That’s why we want to really let it rip this year! Offering you an amazing programm we give you the full treatment.
We are looking forward to celebrate “Schallkonflikt” like it never was before. With our new decorationteam FREE OPTICS, numerous national and international artists and of course with the best audience that you can ask for!

More info   click here

Goa Beach Vol.23 – Out now !!! Yellow Sunshine

 Goa Beach Vol.23 - Out now !!!


GOA BEACH VOL. 23 is again a powerful, double CD edition packed with the finest GOA Trance and 12 finest Lounge Music Production‘s, a well tried and tested concept which has been pro- ven to be very successful amongst our loyal followers. This is the perfect entry point to 2014 and this time, it has been compiled by DJ Bim and Alex Tronix (Alex Tronic Records /Eng- land), you can‘t find anyone better for the job with top acts such as Egorythmia, Techyon vs Soulearth, Lifeforms, Skyfall or Snakestyle feat. Ranking Roger, Alex Tronic, Marvin Wilson, Phobotronic.
GOA BEACH VOL. 23 will please your body and soul.
Another quality release on YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION!

Track list:

1. Egorythmia – We Can Fly (Hi Profile Remix)
2. Mindwave – Insight
3. N.A.S.A – Fractured
4. Opposite8 – Cross Platform
5. Suntree – Life On Earth
6. Side Effects – The Second LSDeep (Sideform Remix)
7. Techyon vs Soulearth – Pineal Gland 8. Lifeforms – Sub Standards
9. Skyfall – Freefall

1. Snakestyle feat. Ranking Roger – Future Dub
2. Alex Tronic – Cosmic Dream
3. Leith Bass Team – Magical Float
4. Neu Gestalt – Abandoned Cities
5. Marvin Wilson – Sonic Adventurers
6. Marvin Wilson – Imagine Instead
7. Alex Tronic feat. Kirsty Brown – Send Me Five Dollars (5 Dollar Remix)
8. Becki Bardot – Summer of Love (Extended Mix)
9. Phobotronic – Source De Vie
10. Snakestyle feat. Mike Embleton – Space Lounge (Extended Mix)
11. Alex Tronic feat. Ǻsa Seljestad – Fated Stars (Cavernous Mix)
12. Cosway – Delux

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Time In Motion – Recharged – Out on Iono-Music !!!

Time In Motion - Recharged - Will be out on Monday 28 april !!! Iono-Music


Time in MotionRecharged

Winter is fading away and spring is knocking on the door, followed up by the summer, outdoor parties and festivals. So it is time to gain some “energy”, spread out your wings and “Recharge” the batteries for the journey of 2014.

With that in mind, the brothers from Time in Motion have gathered top artists from all over the globe, to create a powerful double cd remix album, that will please every progressive trance lover. Each remix is special in its own element, where every artist have nailed their own version of the original track, leaving this release as a strong candidate for any dj to play in his/her dj set………


Track list :

01. Time in Motion – Day Dream (Side Effects Remix)
02. Time in Motion – Dreamscape (Odd Sequence Remix)
03. Time in Motion – Genetic (Invisible Reality Remix)
04. Time in Motion & Impact – Sound of Peace
05. Time in Motion – Crawling Demons (Mindwave Remix)
06. Time in Motion – Energy (Aquafeel Remix)
07. Time in Motion & Flexus – Lakrids (Flowjob Remix)
08. Time in Motion – Dirty Ink (Opposite8 Remix)
09. Time in Motion – Dalai Lama (Klopfgeister Remix)
10. Time in Motion – Genetic (N.A.S.A & Multiphase Remix) 11. Time in Motion – Dalai Lama (Infinite Remix)
12. Time in Motion – See the Sun
13. Time in Motion & Flexus – Unique Sound (Reverse Remix) 14. Time in Motion – Day Dream (Static Movement Remix)
15. Time in Motion – My Soul
16. Time in Motion – Energy (Sonic Sense Remix)
17. Time in Motion – Dirty Ink (Normalize Remix)
18. Time in Motion & Flexus – Unique Sound (Abstract Sunrise Remix)

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D-Vision & Monu !!! Extracted Now . EP Out on Savva Rec.

D-Vision & Monu !!! Extracted Now Ep Out on Savva Rec.















Track list :
1. D-vision & Monu . Creative Matrix . Original Mix
2. D-vision & Monu . Extracted . Original Mix

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Terapeutica !!! Chromatic Planet out on GEOMAGNETIC TV.

Terapeutica !!! Chromatic Planet out on GEOMAGNETIC TV.



Terapeutica is the well-established psy-trance project created by Alessio Ceccanti, Italian Goa Psytrance maestro, born in Livorno in 1987.










Track list :

1.TERAPEUTICA . Terra Nostra
2.TERAPEUTICA . Seraphim
6.TERAPEUTICA . Chromatic Planet
7.TERAPEUTICA . Science and Technology
9.TERAPEUTICA . Russian Enigma
10.TERAPEUTICA,NIKO . Homo Luminous

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Psychedelic Experience Festival !!! Germany !!! 2014

By : Psychedelic Experience Festival  click here

23 may – 25 may 2014
Start at 6pm 23 mai / End at 6pm 25 mai

The first big bang of the german open air season
More info click here

Psychedelic Experience Festival !!! Germany  !!! 2014



Track list :

1.Fire Starter. Mantra . Original Mix
2.Fire Starter. Quantum Gravity . Original Mix
3.Fire Starter. Ufo Invasion . Original Mix
4.Fire Starter. Impact . Original Mix
5.Fire Starter. Shadows of Darkness . Original Mix
6.Fire Starter. Moonlanding . Original Mix
7.Fire Starter. Disease WithinFire . Starter Remix
8.Fire Starter. Inferno . Original Mix .
9.Talpa / Fire Starter. Mdma . Original Mix

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Mind Expanding Elements* In&Outdoor Progressive Trance & Techno Event !!

By : Levitation Elements
30 avril1 mai 2014
Start at 10pm until 4pm
More info  click here

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BMSS Records Label Night !!! 3 May 2014 !!!

By : BMSS Records & Saltaux

Start 03 may at 10pm
More info click here

14 hours of Psychedelic and Progressive Trance, brought to you by a fine selection of BMSS Records artists and friends .

 BMSS Records Label Night !!! 3 May 2014 !!!




ELEPHO !! Paranormal Activity !!! on Power House Rec.


ELEPHO !! Paranormal Activity !!! on Power House Rec.



Power House Records presents the debut album from Elepho titled ‘Paranormal Activity’

Elepho uses intricately floating and woven layers of sound caress the listener’s physical and spiritual ears, entrancing musical movements among a bed of pulsating tribal bass and percussive beats.

.. a deep and emotionally resonating journey into realms of Progressive Psy, Goa and Trance that have rarely been explored.






Tack list :

1.ELEPHO . Bab Sahara
2.ELEPHO . Who
3.ELEPHO . Final Request
4.ELEPHO . Fahrenheit
5.ELEPHO . Aquarelle
6.ELEPHO . Transistor
7.ELEPHO . Diplomatik
8.ELEPHO . Triplets of Belleville
9.ELEPHO . Destiny
10.ELEPHO.Freak POLYPHEME (Elepho rmx)

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Waldträume !!!

By : Meinolf Bartmann
25 avril – 26 avril – 2014
start at 10pm until 3am
Cafe 3Klang
More info click here 


Tom´s Birthday Goa (Sonderveranstaltung) !!!!

By : Velvet Night Club Brakel
More info  click here

25 april / 26 april 2014
start at 22pm until 8am

 Tom´s Birthday Goa (Sonderveranstaltung) !!!!

ODISEO – Sound Traveller EP !! out on Blue Tunes Rec.

ODISEO - Sound Traveller EP !! out on Blue Tunes Rec.















Track list :

1. Odiseo – Sound Traveller
2. Odiseo & Lonely Fellow – Lonely Riderse

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Minfeel !!! GUIDEON-EP – One Feel Music !!!

Minfeel  !!!  GUIDEON-EP - One Feel Music !!!



Guideon is a new selection of tracks by Minfeel, the side project of Sensifeel. Innovant, intelligente, hot and sexy, this 2 master progressive tracks will transport you into a sweet travel of groove and intense rythms… Philippe shows again all his quality of production and originality with this cross-over project open in all kind of feelings and emotions into an original progressive flow.






Track list :

1.MINFEEL . Gonzo
2.MINFEEL . Guideon

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PULTEC – Zodiac – EP !!! Out Atoms Rec.

 PULTEC - Zodiac - EP  !!! Out  Atoms Rec.




Designed to lift us up essentially, Pultec launches Zodiac EPon Atoms.
Working his creative interpretation of progressive
psytrance blending other genres in general.

His original drive on the production of Progressive
Psy trance makes his tracks a twisted mix mind blowing dance floors worldwide.





Track list:

01. Revolution – PULTEC
02. Zodiac – PULTEC

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LIGHTSPHERE   “THE BRIGHT SIDE“ Out on SAVVA Rec.The duo Lightsphere is back with their long awaited third album.

Their music will take you on the unforgettable journey to the bright side of progressive trance, in Lightsphere’s unique groovy and atmospheric manner.
With this powerful album Lightsphere created a balanced mixture of rocking offbeat rhythms and uplifting catchy melodies with a touch of melancholic elements, deeply touching your soul.

It contains 10 previously unreleased tracks with a high hit potential. This hot dancefloor-oriented stuff has been tested on many international festivals and events. It’s a must have not only for every progressive trance dj, but also for the listeners at home.
So take a walk on the bright side and celebrate the joy of being!


Track list :

1. Lightsphere-Another Place
2. Lightsphere-The bright side
3. Lightsphere-Outdoor
4. Lightsphere-Lost and Found
5. Lightsphere-Just Enjoy
6.Lightsphere-Forever in time
7. Lightsphere-Holding the moment
8. Lightsphere-Morning Workout
9. Lightsphere-Apps and Downs (Album Version)
10.Lightsphere- Everyday

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TANZ IN DEN MAI !!! 30/04 – 1/05 – 2014 !!! Yellow Sunshine Explosion

By : Andreas Bim Binotsch et Michael Dreyer
Start at 10pm until 11am

More info click here

Yellow Sunshine Explosion  click here 

TANZ IN DEN MAI !!! 30/04 - 1/05 - 2014  !!!


Redrosid – Singularity – Out now !!! Iono Music

redrosid_singularityWe live in a world where machines are faster than humans. They can calculate and make many operations in a much more accurate and complex way than any one person can perform.

It is said that one day we will reach Singularity – a moment when machines will be more progressed than human intelligence. But what these predictions do not take under account are our most precious traits – Emotions, feelings and creativity. Our sonically unique signatures cannot be artificially made, they have to be crafted from our soul and passion, and this can never be mechanically reproduced.
This specific magic was crafted by Redrosid, aka Erez Bendek from Israel. In his Singularity he shows that such electronic sounds can only be created by humans, with specially chosen Odd Frequencies.


Track list :

01. Redrosid – Singularity
02. Redrosid – Odd Frequencies

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ECLOSION FESTIVAL II !!! 30-08 / 31-08 – 2014 !!! France

By Indalive  click here

30 août – 31 août 2014
Start at 6pm until 4pm
Maine-et-Loire / France

8 Lives / 16 Dj sets more info click here 

ECLOSION FESTIVAL II  !!! 30 / 08 - 31 / 08 - 2014 !!!



You Are We Vol.2 !!! out now on PROFOUND REC.

You Are We Vol.2 !!! out now on PROFOUND REC.


On a day (4th April 2012) when it completes two years, it is the most sensuous feeling we can gather and our passion for music seems fulfilling its destiny.

On this occasion we deliver our second anniversary compilation compiled by Spinal Fusion a.k.a Bilas Rajderkar. This highly anticipated release features some of the most prolific producers in the global psychedelic trance famous for their full on pumping beats and psychedelic driven leads.






Track list :
2. Dream O Magic.CIVA
3. The Source.HYPNOISE
4. Asia.ITAL
5. Starting Now.MECHANIMAL
6. Strange Computer Codes.NUKLEALL
7. Brainstorm.OUTSIDERS
8. Infinity (Spinal Fusion rmx).SONIC SPECIES
9. Flashback.SPINAL FUSION

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Goa 2014 . Vol.2 !!! out on YELLOW SUNSHINE !!!

Goa 2014 . Vol.2 !!! out on YELLOW SUNSHINE !!!



The 2nd GOA 2014 Edition is again a carefully selected journey into the world of Progressive Tunes from the leading artists of that genre.
Compiled by DJ BIM, GOA 2014 excites over 2 hours with „Hands In The Air“ Morning Trance and deep progressive psychedelic Trance material out there.
Features artists are Drukverdeler & DJ Bim, Protonica, Lifeforms & Egorythmia, Suntree and Antigravity, Side Effects, Hi Profile and many more, all contributing to this fantastic double pack suitable for the lover of Progressive moods and Psychedelic excess.



Track list :

1. Invisible Reality – High To The Sky
2. Reverse – Animalistic
3. Perceptors – Stylo
4. Protonica – Modification
5. Time In Motion – Rainforest
6. Kingpink – Secret
7. Suntree and Antigravity –
Part Of The Universe
8. Hi Profile – All We Need
9. Sub6 – Indian Jackpot
(Invisible Reality Remix)

1. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Voyage
2. Etic – Last Equations
3. Tripy – Turn D Knob
4. Skyfall – Higher Self
5. Egorythmia – S.M.O.T.U. (Side Effects Remix)
6. Lifeforms & Egorythmia – Extraterrestrial
7. Side Effects – City On Mars
8. Class A – That‘s Strange (Sonic Sense Remix)
9. Akoustik – Feel Free

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AEROSPACE !!! EVERYTHING IS MUSIC !!! out on Digital Nature Rec.

AEROSPACE !!! EVERYTHING IS MUSIC !!! out on Digital Nature Rec.




Digital Nature Records is very proud to announce the launch of Everything is Music, the new brilliant album by Aerospace, the project of Israeli musician Guy Youngman -

one of the world’s leading progressive trance producers and one of the scene’s most experienced DJs with over 15 years of active duty in the studio and behind the decks, 4 previously released and highly acclaimed albums, dozens of chart topping releases on most of the genre’s leading record labels and countless appearances on the scene’s largest stages all over the world…..


Track list :

1. Everything Is Music Original Mix
2. Into the Sun Original Mix
3. Space Race Original Mix
4. Human Design Aerospace Remix
Aerospace, Captain Hook
5. Tiny Raindrops Original Mix
6. E 2 B Original Mix
7. Trash Talk Original Mix
Aerospace, Solaris Vibe
8. Going In Circles Original Mix
9. Sweet and Low Original Mix
10. Guitar Solo Original Mix

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