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Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On !!! Out now – Iono-Music .

Static Movement - Put Your Sunglasses On !! out now on Iono -Music        

Through the fog, rain and snow we can feel the ray of light bursting through, that sun that awaits us to shine above our heads in the coming summer.

This is the perfect timing, then, to Put Your Glasses On and let your body soak in the first signs of spring! This remixes EP by Static Movement, aka, Shahar Shtrikman from Israel has decided to prepare several versions of his glasses, so you can get the butterflies sensation started already!…….




Track list :


01. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On (In Dub Remake)
02. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On (Cyrus the Virus Remix)
03. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On (Lost Angels Remix)
04. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On

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By : V.I.B.E.Z. Productions
Start the 19 april 2014 at 10 PM

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FIERCE & FUNKY by Psychedelic Theatre at KitKatClub !!!

Psychedelic Theatre Berlin
11 & 12 april 2014
Start at 10 PM until  3 AM       FIERCE & FUNKY by Psychedelic Theatre at KitKatClub !!!                                                                                                                                      







Main Hall :   Trance, Progressive Trance
Dragon Floor :  Funky House, Tech House
Séparée :  Forest Sound, Dark Psy

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GOA CULTURE VOL.XIII. Out on Yellow Sunshine !!!

GOA CULTURE VOL.XIII.Out now on Yellow Sunshine !!!!The Goa Culture Series goes in the 13th round and this time, it is a fantastic collaboration bet¬ween

Yellow Sunshine Explosion DJ Bim and Egorythmia /Macedonia from the well known Trance Label IONO MUSIC.
Goa Culture Vol. 13 is an outstanding journey into the world of Progressive Trance and the
ultimate soundtrack for the summer 2014, full of uplifting melodies and sexy, charming grooves with an edge.
Enjoy 150 minutes of the finest „hands in the air“ Dance Music from the most respected producers of this Planet
including Drukverdeler & DJ Bim, Hi Profile, Roger Rabbit, Reverse, Sideform, Suntree, Shanko, Kingpink, Time in Motion, Skyfall & Techyon and Egorythmia himself!



1. Visua – Sonic Vision
2. Suntree – Back To The Source
3. Sonic Entity – Mental Universe
4. MUTe vs. Egorythmia – Inspace
5. Skyfall & Techyon – Geometric Patterns
6. Roger Rabbit – Single Snapshot
7. Time in Motion – Black Light
8. Inner State – Cries And Whispers
9. Kaempfer & Dietze – Shear Force

1. Hi Profile & DJ Bim – Man In The Moon
2. Reverse – Staring Away
3. California Sunshine – Follow Me (Kingpink Remix)
4. Loud – Dustortion (Suntree & Antigravity Remix)
5. Miki Damski – Robotica
6. Molok & Vertex feat. Subliminal Codes – Hemija
7. Shanko – Light
8. Hi Profile – Strange Personality (Sideform Remix)
9. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Wasteland

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Mr. Suspect – Archetype Out Now ! On Phoenix Groove Rec.

Mr. Suspect - Archetype Out Now ! On Phoenix Groove Rec.

A guy that will bring ….
growling rhythms and mature well balanced productions into
our ears. Make sure to mark his name and follow his arrival
all zipped up into one word ! Duration …










Track list :

1. Archetype . MR . SUSPECT
2. Ride the air . MR . SUSPECT
3. Invincible Ways . MR . SUSPECT , MICKY NOISE
4. Maelstrom . MR . SUSPECT
5. Night of the silent drums . Mr. Suspect rmx. ZYCE
6. Learn to Listen . MR . SUSPECT ,HI PROFILE
7. World’s Delight . MR . SUSPECT
8. Mental Model . MR . SUSPECT
9. Abyss . MR . SUSPECT

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By :  World Trance  and  The Walking Bird World trance Festival II



19 avril20 avril 2014
Start at 6 PM until 6 AM

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27-31 August / Seli Mountain Gathering . (Greece)

By Seli Mountain Gathering ( Movement booking / Movement Dark Roasted / Movement REcordings )

 27-31 August | Seli Mountain Gathering (Greece)



Seli Mountain Gathering is the 1st Electronic Music & Arts Summer Mountain Festival, in Seli / Imathia, 99km from Thessaloniki & 25km from Veria, Greece!


The Idea of ‘Seli Mountain Gathering’

Seli Mountain Gathering is a unique ‘ mountain ‘ festival youth & electronic music in Greece during the summer , with the second edition take place from 27 to 31 August 2014 . For this organization are responsible labels Movement Recordings & Movement Dark Roasted based in Thessaloniki , recording a remarkable and continually rising in Tournaments and Events Artists / Art scene since 2005 .

Start the 27 august  at midnight  until the 31 august . 8 AM 

More info click here :
Page on fb Seli Mountain click here :





Progressive Psychedelic Trance. Tony Gonzalez . Guadalajara . México.













Track list :

1. Angel Eye .3D-Ghost
2.Change Love for HateOriginal Mix .3D-Ghost
3.The Crypta of the GhostOriginal Mix .3D-Ghost


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Max Million – AFTERIMAGES EP . TBMr Records.

Max Million - AFTERIMAGES EP . TBMr Records.




After multiple features on various label compilations including Ultimae records , here comes Afterimages , Max Million’s first EP. Often described as unlabeled, his music explores a quite unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy. He remains dedicated to the learning-process in order to explore further frontiers of sound design.

Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio 




Track list :

1.The Rout Of Ellipsis
2.Sub Strata [live edit]
4.If You Knew

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- VA – PROGRESSIVE DROPS – Out 7 / 4 /14 . Mental Drop Rec .


- VA - PROGRESSIVE DROPS - Out 7 / 4 /14 . Mental Drop Rec .



Compiled by cKevs, Acid on Sphere and Iguana

Featuring Tracks from Elemental, Axer &Shabot, Ektal, Sound Device, Only Mind, Fremonnt, Geomag & Sunrize, Loony Tune, Bloud P.2
Progessive Trance .








Track list : 

1.- Elemental – País do carnaval
2.- Axer & Shabot – Infected
3.- Ektal – The Road to Here
4.- Sound Device – Sound Process
5.- Elemental – O Mito de Medusa
6.- Only Mind – 45 Grados
7.- Fremonnt – Yooooy
8.- Geomag & Sunrize – Holy Grail
9.- Loony Tune – Unbreakable
10.- Bloud P.2 – Dream of Mirrors

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Synsoniq !!! On My Way . Prog On Syndicate Rec.

Synsoniq !!! On My Way .  PROG ON SYNDICATE Rec .




After producing and touring all over the world as a member of the well known Progressive Projects Sonnenvakuum and Sonic Cube in the last 10 years with his friend Daniel MA ller he startet his own act Synsoniq in the late 2010.

‘On my Way’ is a highly modern and highly euphoric Progressive Trance Album with bouncy offbeats and fluffy melodys. 9 Tracks from 134 to 140 bpm, each track crispy and fresh, ready for the dancefloor worldwide!



Track list : 

1. Bomb of sins . Synsoniq
2. On my way . Synsoniq
3. Shadows of north . Synsoniq
4. About Progress . Synsoniq feat 8Th Sin
5. Monsieur Beat Vibe . Synsoniq
6. Synthetic Times . Synsoniq
7. Same Mind . Synsoniq
8. Timeless Vibrations . Synsoniq feat Connexx)
9. Artificial Elements .Synsoniq rmx

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Bassmania XXL @Sputnikhalle & Cafe, Fusion Club, Triptychon, Favela IN MÜNSTER

By :  Bassmania  CLICK HERE

4-4-2014    start  at 11pm 

More info  click here

 Bassmania XXL @Sputnikhalle & Cafe, Fusion Club, Triptychon, Favela IN MÜNSTER


Heimspiel -Stammestreffen -Bim’s 20 Years Dj Celebration – Modern Progressive Trance & Old School Gathering .

 By  Andreas Bim Binotsch   CLICK HERE 

5 avril – 6 avril 2014
Start at : 10 pm until 11 am

More info click here

 Heimspiel -Stammestreffen -Bim's 20 Years Dj Celebration . Modern Progressive Trance & Old School Gathering.


20 years Dj Bim anniversary
Progressive Trance and Old School Gathering … welcome !!!!







P.L.U.R. Festival II . 2014 / 21-27 August 2014 / by D.P.S. Production


By : Fanis Anam 
 P.L.U.R. Festival 2014 |21-27 August 2014| (by D.P.S. Production)

D.P.S production welcomes you to P.L.U.R Festival 2014 (part 2). The P.L.U.R festival will take place in a magical place that combines river , sea and plane in “Kria Vrisi” beach in Evia !
A place full of positive energy and lot of… elves and fairies ! The Festival will last for 7 days. approximatelywith the lowest ticket but the strongest line up which we could accommodate ! 40 Live acts and over 40 dj sets! Progressive Trance , Psytrance ….
We expect you all to this summer celebration which is held in one of the most beautiful places in Greece and one of the most P.L.U.R Festivals ever carried out in Greece with the most positive vibes!
What we can promise you is that we will do everything necessary to spend with us as nicely done and feel the ” magic ” of the site in conjunction with the best music !
Think positive & stay P.L.U.R (Peace Love Unity Respect)

More info click here

D.P.S  Prod. click here 

THE SECRET BOX !!! out on Nataraja Rec.

The Secret Box . Natajara Rec.



Open the secret box and discover a world of psychedelic tales yet unknown to man ! For this second EP, Out of Jetlag is guiding you through the rabbit hole to a twisted place of bliss with the help of pure progressive psytrance - giving you another view on their unique and intricate universe.







Track list :

1. Out of Jetlag – The Secret Box
2. Sensifeel – Red nose (Out of Jetlag remix)

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Burning Mountain Festival / 26 – 29 june 2014 !!!!

 Burning Mountain Festival 2014 . 26 - 29 june / 2014

We are excited to announce to 4th Burning Mountain Festival in the lovely surrounding of Zernez, right in the middle of the Swiss Mountains.
Expect a great line up of progressive and psychedelic trance artists from around the world, 1 first class infrastructure and many many art projects from talented burners!
On top of that, we have been working on this new production for a while now and have many surprises awaiting you.
We will keep you updated with more Infos on this unique event very soon!
Until then, pls join this event to get the latest information.


BMF Crew

More Info    Click here 

Soundcloud Burning Mountain   Click here 

Optiloop – Land of Pandora !!! Out on Phoenix Groove Rec .

Optiloop - Land of Pandora . Phoenix Groove Rec .

Optiloop an explosive blend of psychedelic and progressive  trance !!












Track list:
01-Singing Quotes
02-Lego Drums
03-Land Of Pandora
04 Gods are Landed
05 -Erinyes
06 Flying Elements
07-Only Hope
08 Sunny Musa
09- All back in the box

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Elegy – Inside – Ovnimoon Records !!!! friday 21 march

Elegy - Inside [ovnicd078] - Ovnimoon Records


Ovnimoon Records is incredibly excited to present the second soul synching album from rising star of progressive psy trance from Italy, none other than Elegy aka Daniel Mair.

This highly anticipated and eagerly awaited new exclusive full length offering opens the aperture wide to reveal the inner workings of reality. His latest hit epic titled “Inside” is a sonic explanation of the cosmos.

When zooming in to the microcosmic dimensions the patterns of the universe are plainly evident! Massive nebulas share the exact same plasma movement as subatomic clouds of ions. ….



More info click here 

Track list :

01 – Ascent – Reflexion of Andromeda (Elegy Remix)
02 – Elegy – Cosmic Portal (Album Mix)
03 – Elegy – Inside
04 – Elegy – Your World
05 – Elegy – Magic Theater
06 – Elegy – Out of Time
07 – Elegy – Inner Eye
08 – Elegy – 25
09 – Elegy – Outside

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Toxic Universe -TOYBOX of Feelings – EP – Out on Savva Rec !!!


   Artist Jay Toxi from Hamburg , Psy trance , label      Savva rec .











Track list :
1 : Toybox of Feelings Original Mix
2 : Volcano EruptionOriginal Mix
3 : Deja VoodooOriginal Mix

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Goa Vol.49 – Out now on Yellow Sunshine !!!

 Goa Vol.49 - Out Now / Yellow Sunshine !!!



Yellow Sunshine Explosion is coming up with the 49th edition of the Goa vol series.

Compiled by Dj Prozak also known as Champa.

This double CD pack is a very carefull selection of high quality Progressive trance and Psychedelic trance take from todays wide spread range of Goatrance. Featureing aritst like Ritmo, E-Clip, Protonica, Rocky, Egorythmia, Motion Drive and many more!





This CD is a perfect journey thru out of space, including 9 unreleased tracks.

Track list:
CD 1
1. Smoke Sign – Shut it Down
2. Motion Drive – The Great escape
3. Humerous & Zezia – extract 21
4. E-Clip & egorythmia – new level of being (Skyfall Remix)
5. Ritmo – At the beginning
6. Flanger Strangers – Liquid Material
7. E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum
8. Champa vs tree Circuit – the self 9. savage Circuit – Feedback Memory

CD 2
1. Protonica – subground
2. Ace Ventura & Darma – acidcore (Egorythmia Remix)
3. Starlab – Ones Who see in the Dark
4. Invisible Reality – Creation
5. Arhetip – Zero Point
6. Rocky – Making Music
7. L.m.t – Morning vibes (Blanx Remix)
8. Champa – the Magic Mushroom (Mentalogic remix)
9. Vial vs lucid Mantra – Morning Machines

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Suntree & Sphera – Rush Hour – Out Now – Iono Music !!!



There are these moments that you feel squashed between people, ideas, feelings. You feel surrounded and sometimes squeezed, just like Rush Hour.
These moments might be a bit foggy when they happen, but at the end they help you crystallize and reach to the bottom of yourself, a better understanding of what you want, what you need….
We can already tell you that Suntree, aka Alon Brillant, and Sphera aka Liran Alkayam , can pull you out from the Rush Hour with their sonic mastering,
will you reach out?…




Track  listing

01. Suntree & Sphera – Rush Hour

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Christiania Selection Vol.3 – Out now !!! Iono Music

va_christiania_selection_vol_3Now we already know that you’re hooked. So we have decided to create some kind of trilogy, after all – Third time’s a charm! There are constant debates about crisis, dead-end solutions and the inability to see a bright future. However, micro oppositions to the mainstream culture and structure do appear in reality, you just have to look carefully and open your ears. If that is not sufficient enough, Stefan Gøransson, aka Dj Flexus, will guide you to the most beautiful alternative zone – Christiania Selection vol. 3! This third trip to this enchanting magical dimension will fill you with energies, spirit and inspiration to break from the old formulas you were so used to and create something new, something fresh, something better.



Track listing :
01. Morten Granau & Flexus – Green Light District
02. Metronome – Orange (Ma’co Remix)
03. Lightsphere – Barefoot and Happy (Flexus Remix)
04. Estefano Haze – Fantasy
05. Avshi – Acid Test
06. Simply Wave – Space & Time
07. Lifeforms – Illumination (Osher Remix)
08. Opposite8 – Digital Regeneration
09. Static Movement vs. Cyrus the Virus – Static Virus

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HADRA TRANCE FESTIVAL 8 ✖✖ 21 – 24 August 2014 ✖ ✖ Lans-en-Vercors France

HADRA TRANCE FESTIVAL 8 ✖✖ 21 - 24 August 2014 ✖ ✖ Lans-en-Vercors ( France )

by : Hadra Trance Festival

jeudi 21 août 2014

HADRA TRANCE FESTIVAL : LE festival de psytrance en France! Pour sa huitième édition, le festival est le sous le thème du VIETNAM!
Préparez vous à 4 jours d’open air psytrance et de culture alternative!


HADRA TRANCE FESTIVAL : THE french psytrance festival! This year, the festival is under Vietnam colours!
Prepare you to 4-day of international open air psytrance and alternative cultures!

More info click here 

Sat 29/3 | TesseracTstudio Label Night @ Principal Club Theater !!

By  Movement Dark Roasted  click here 

Sat 29/3 | Tesseract Label Night @ Principal Club Theater !!

Movement Dark Roasted proudly present..
TesseracTstudio Label Night !!!

★ Zyce (Tesseract)
★ Flegma (Tesseract)
★ Ectima (Tesseract) * aka Zyce & Flegma
★ Sideform (Tesseract/Iboga) * 1st time in Thessaloniki !!

★ Chris Pilee (Movement Dark Roasted)
★ Dj Goiu
★ Goaman (Goa Beach Bar)

More info click HERE 


Pre event P.L.U.R Festival . 15/03/2014 Thessaloniki !!!

Event P.L.U.R Festival | 15/03/2014 Thessaloniki (Secret Location) / Side Effects ** 1st time ** in ATHENS (Live Act / Iono Music / Israel) & EMOV (Live Act / Dacru Rec/ Greece)
Progressive trance , psy trance .

D.P.S ProductionFMU Future Media Underground

Pre event PLUR Festival | 15/03/2014 Thessaloniki

★ Side Effects-Live Act (Iono Music/ ISR)
★ E-MOV -Live Act (Dacru Records /GR)

★ Microstar -Dj set ( Future Media Underground/GR )
★ Upsoull- Dj set (GR)
★ Stel K-Dj set ( Astral Wave Production/GR)
★ Freedu- Dj set ( Landmark Rec./GR )

More info Click HERE