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Hi Profile – All We Need EP – Out now !!! (Iono Music)


hi_profile_all_we_needNothing can be compared to that first burst of creativity, that exhilaration in every decision you make, in every sound being created, it is the first creation – The First Track! In order to keep the freshness and creativity you have to thrive to go to the next level with every new sonic adventure you go. And then, every time you enter to your laboratory it will feel like the first time, only better.
In order to achieve that sensation of The First Track we summoned a Hi Profile artist, aka Tassos Antoniou from Greece. Tassos was attracted to Trance since he was 19 years old, and transformed his passion into many areas, one of them – opening one of the biggest Greek record shops! While swimming in musical inspiration he wanted to bring his input into the Psychedelic realm and once he did it was indeed Hi Profile.

While capturing that magical moment of The First Track Hi Profile, along with Tom S. realized that in fact – it was All We Need! This realization continued into Strange Dreams, first imagined by Aerospace, aka Guy Youngman, and Motion Drive, aka Philip Guillaume, and then reinterpreted by Hi Profile. You want to know what they were? Just press play and dive in…

Tracklist :

01. Hi Profile – All we need
02. Aerospace & Motion Drive – Strange Dreams (Hi Profile Remix)

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ૐ Spirit of Moksha meets Iono Music ૐ

12 avril at 10 pm  – 13 avril at 12 am
by : Goa SpiritofMoksha / Matthias Cubixx / DjBazooka Psy / Yeliz Windspur

ૐ Spirit of Moksha meets Iono Music ૐ

Spirit of  Moksha goes to the next round ! This time in cooperation with IONO MUSIC 

This collaboration promises you first-class , high-quality electronic music, international live acts and a great atmosphere!

The musical focus will be on as usual Progressive Psytrance . Almost exactly on the same day one year ago, the last Spirit of Moksha one of the hottest cult venues in Hamburg took place in Gruenspan instead . For some of you maybe you remember the “Opera House”, its a place who for many people electronic music has begun. A special highlight will be this time next to the Liveacts of LIFEFORMS, EGORYTHMIA and E-CLIP, the very fresh FullOn project “TIME TRAVELLERS”. The founder of this project are EGORYTHMIA and E-CLIP, they will perform and present this liveact for the first time worldwide. Supported by the Labelheads Cubixx (IONO), BIM (YSE), MURUS (LANDMARK), also BAZOOKA and Hathi , will kill the floor with there dj-sets.

The Optical & visual support will be this time from BUJU , which are known for their creative UV Blacklight Deco and knowen from Antaris,- or Psychedelic Circus Festival. In addition to this ILLUMINATED ART who have made also the last IONO NIGHT BERLIN will set up his lovely light designs. If you do not know the two visual artists, you have to look in the galery on their fan pages ! It ‘s worth it.

The chill area will be supported by MANA WIZARD, MaikDJ Insektenkinder, Sin CT. & Chaotix with ambient sounds.



✖ Lifeforms / United Kingdom / Iono Music
First Time in Hamburg Germany

✖ Egorythmia / Macedonia / Iono Music

✖ E- Clip / Serbia / Iono Music

✖ Time Travellers / Macedonia, Serbia / Iono Music
Egorythmia and E-Clip present her new Full On Project
!!! The first Time worldwide !!!

DJ’S :

✖ Cubixx / Germany / Head from Iono Music

✖ Bim / Germany / Head from YSE / Iono Music

✖ Murus / Germany / Head from Landmark Rec

✖ Bazooka / Germany / Iono Music / Spirit of Moksha

✖ Hathi / Germany / Spirit of Moksha


✖ BUJU Decorations / Germany
✖ Illuminated Art / Germany


✖ Mana Wizard (Peak Rec.)

✖ MaikDj Insektenkinder

✖ Sin C.T
Illuminated Art

✖ Chaotix (Vkb HH// Mushroom Magazin)



After Party wird im Juice Club stattfinden ………….
Gäste der Spirit Of Moksha meets Iono Music haben freien Eintritt mit ihrem Eintrittsbändchen!

Stresemannstr. 204
22769 Hamburg (Altona-Nord)