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Goa_Culture_Vol_11_Progressive_TranceThe 11th edition of Goa Culture is a Classic Trance Collection, offering 18 of the best and timeless classic tracks from the leading producers of the Progressive Trance Scene.
Compiled by DJ BIM, these 2 CDs are a tribute to this genre and the ultimate reminder of the past, present and future of our Music.
GOA CULTURE VOL.XI contains the finest Trance Music and  timeless masterpieces about where this Music is heading in times to come.
Take a step into a world full of harmonic and beautiful Trance Music and enjoy a journey into the nearly forgotten dreamful Tunes by Producers like Reverse, Suntree, Ritree, Ritmo, Krama, Egorythmia, Inner State, Infinity, Invisible Reality and take a step into the future with Sonic Sense & Funky Dragon, Simply Wave, Sonic Entity, ManMachine plus many more!


CD 1
1. Vibrasphere – Erosion (Reverse Remix)
2. Mr. Suspect – Limbo
3. Suntree – The Big Bang
4. Invisible Reality – Mind is Music
5. Ritree – New Clear War Head
6. Infinity – Free Frequency
7. Ritmo – Typical Amount Of Loud
8. Simply Wave – Lights (Vs. Impact.)
9. Krama – Rainbow Warriors

CD 2
1. A.K.D (After Kick Developments ) –
Eta Musica Trance
2. Inner State – Rising Tale
3. Egorythmia – Black Hole
4. Opposite8 – Electric Space
5. Relativ – Space Crash
6. Middle Mode and Sideforn – SideMode
7. Sonic Sense & Funky Dragon- Destination
8. Dejavoo – The Long Run
9. Sonic Entity – Interlock (feat. ManMachine)

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Goa TranceSince the 22nd edition, the GOA TRANCE Series has been compiled by Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ Tulla, the best DJ for amazing new material for the latest in Goa Trance!

Tulla’s approach always has an objective focus on the whole Trance Movement, selecting the best releases from well known and up and coming new Record Labels.
GOA TRANCE VOL.23 impresses with 18 stunning tracks on Double CD and is again a perfect journey into the world of our Goa Trance Movement.

In more than 140 minutes running time, DJ Tulla presents you the whole spectrum of this genre, all tunes ranging from Progressive Goa Trance to pure Psychedelic Trance with artists such as Sphera & Gaudium, Egorythmia, Ritree, Sonic Sense, The Chromatic, Shiva Chandra and Simply Wave.

More traditional Goa Trance can be enjoyed by the likes of Champa, Liftshift, BitKit and more.

CD 1
1. Sphera & Gaudium – Operations
2. Egorythmia – Arctic Down
3. Yotopia & Lish – Golden Bay (Moonlight Mix)
4. X-Noize & Assi – 15.000 Mics (Ritree Remix)
5. Sonic Sense – Human Technology
6. Sonic Entity – Spirit Molecule
7. Liftshift – Tunnelvision
8. Champa – What Makes You Itch
9. Bitkit – Galactic Superwave

CD 2
1. The Chromatic – Sunwave
2. Synsoniq – Bombs of Sin
3. Darma – Deep Hole (Ghost Rider Remix)
4. Shiva Chandra – Land of Cockaigne
5. Solar Spectrum – Underground Bouncers
(Cimi Remix)
6. Flegma & Nerso – Sonic Manipulation
(Pop Art Remix)
7. Lifeforms – Reanimation
8. Kingpink – Freaky Instincts
9. Simply Wave – What The World Become

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New Digital Releases Out Now On Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Most Wanted Sonic Sense The next release under the MOST WANTED series is SONIC SENSE from Israel, one of the most respected Progressive Trance producer.

SONIC SENSE had many releases on leading Dance Labels around the world and he is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most critical acclaimed within the MOST WANTED series. His brand new EP will be out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion, delivering 3 brand new progressive floor fillers with phat and pumping beats, melodic build-ups and hypnotic vocals. A must have for all Trance Music lovers.


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Mr Suspect LimboAnother high quality EP release will be delivered by MR.SUSPECTLimbo EP“!

Konstadinos Denegris, aka Mr Suspect, is based in Greece and well known for his work for the Label Phoenix Groove. This exciting EP is well in line with the current Progressive Trance trend and another mind-blowing excursion into the world of true Trance Music- its atmospheric with a special Caribian Limbo Flair!


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GOA X VOL.16 – Out Now On Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Progressive Trance

Get ready for the 15th Edition of the Goa X Series, “The Sumer Edition”, ready for release 09.08.2013.
Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ BIM and Chris A Nova proudly present the perfect soundtrack for the coming August 2013 Open Air Season. All Tacks have been tried and tested on various dancefloors and are now ready to spice up your long summer nights at the Festivals to come!

This Double CD contains 18 perfect tracks including some brilliant tunes by ManMachine, Twina, Sirion, Sonic Entity and Champa. Rest assured that well known Acts such as Double Click & Sonic Sense, Sphera & Ritmo, Simply Wave and Bitkit will give you a endless and unforgettable journey into the world of Trance.

Groovy tunes with uplifting melodies and fantastic loops will take you from a world of Progressive Trance into the spheres of Goa Trance. Get ready for over 140 minutes of pure dancefloor joy, also with a special thanks to all the supporting labels Iono Music, Dacru Records, Digital Nature and United Beats Records for the help to make this Compilation possible.

CD 1
1. BitKit – Jupiter
2. Twina – Drienda
3. Simply Wave – Changing Direction
4. Funk Truck – Sunshakes
5. Tripy – C7
6. E-Mov – Pagan Vision ( Nerso Remix )
7. Sphera & Ritmo – Human Machine
8. Terahert – Trapped In A Dream
9. Static Movement – Look Into My Eyes

CD 2
1. Shanko – Mental Mind
2. Sonic Entity – Gravity Control
3. Double Click & Sonic Sense – Double Sense
4. Audiotec – Mind Technology
5. ManMachine – Invited By Night
6. Magnetica – Rush
7. Aquila – Weird Existence
(Atoned Splendor Remix)
8. Champa – The Messiah
9. Sirion – Without Music

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