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Yellow Sunshine Explosion March Exposure

Yellow SUnshine Explosion

Get ready for plenty of Yellow Sunshine Explosion artist exposure on 3 new Psychedelic Trance Events in March including the launch of the new CHAMPA Album, Live performances by DEJAVOO as well as DJ sets by DJane Melburn, DJane Lavinia plus much much more!





Location: Club 414 – 414, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton Sw9 8lf, UK

Date: 02.03.2013

Line Up: Champa “live” (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records), Mechanimal “live” (Mutagen Records), Dejavoo (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records), Sati, Neutron, ThallOm

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Holographic Universe


Location: Garage since 1987, Lueneburg, Germany

Date: 09.03.2013

Line Up:

Live: NOK (Blue Tunes Rec.), TOXIC UNIVERSE (Savva Rec.)


DJ’s: DJane MELBURN (Yellow Sunshine Explosion/England), MAT MUSHROOM (Mushroom Magazine), BLUESPACE (Landmark Rec.), TAMAHUKA (OV-Silence), BRAINDANCE (Question of Time), D-NOISER (Balloonia Rec.), GOAHOLIKK (Traumwelten Rec.), CHROMEE (Psychedelic Piloten Rec.), KYTAMA (Psychedelic Piloten Rec.)

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Location: Seifenfabrik, Graz, Austria

Date: 09-10 March 2013

Line Up:

Live: DEJAVOO (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records/UK), NATIVE ENGINE (Panmusic Rec./ Codevision Rec.).

DJ’s: DRISS ( Mr. Hadra Records, France), KAMADEVA (Panmusic Rec./dFR Rec./ Womb Rec.), REAKY (Midnight Resurrection,Perfecto Fluoro,Discover Dark/SLovenia), WUZDOC (Spirit Base), KARA TRANCEALPINE.

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Location: Waldfrieden Events, Wehdem, Germany

Date: 09.03.2013

Line Up: DJane Lavinia (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings), Feliniti, Ostara, Lucy & Her Diamond, Kimie, Sabrina, Delia
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NEWS RELEASE – Digital Nature Records


Nitrodrop feat. Tilt Axis – We Are EP

Digital Nature Records is very happy to announce the launch of the “We Are” EP, a spectacular Progressive Trance collaboration between Nitrodrop (Gil Dagan and Dima Gafner), one of the most sensational acts to emerge from Israeli as well as Australian DJ/producer Tilt Axis (Dwayne Banhan). The result is 2 brand new massive progressive tracks, previously unreleased, bearing the unique sonic signature of Nitrodrop’s masterful production skills and mega crunchy sound, modern and groovy to the maximum and a total hit on the dance floor.


Release Date: 25.02.2013


1. Nitrodrop feat. Tilt Axis – We Are

2. Nitrodrop feat. Tilt Axis – Human Alien

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Atom Device – Sick Habits EP

Another highlight for March will be the launch of “Sick Habits”, the bombastic new EP/single by Atom Device (Dimitris and Antonis Panagiotidis) a new act to emerge from Greece. Atom Device deliver 3 brand new, previously unreleased tunes, a brilliant musical transition and bearing a unique and original sound signature designed to maximize dance floor impact. Sick Habits also features a Atom Device remix to the hit track Desert Trip from Timeless and Monolock.

Release Date:


1. Atom Device – Sick Habbits

2. Timeless and Monolock – Desert Trip (Atom Device Remix)

3. Atom Device – Lost In Thoughts

Tune In To Alpha´s Crazy Sounds Radio Show!

Tune In To Alpha´s Crazy Sounds Radio Show!

Since over 15 years, Alpha is presenting his weekly live Radio Show to support all kinds of Psychedelic Dance Music (from Progressive to Psycore).

The show was laucnhed in Bremen/Germany and became well known not only for Psytrance lovers since it was also broadcasted on TV at the „Open Channel“ (Offener Kanal).

Alpha’s Radio Show features Album presentations as well as artist profiles, interviews and label or party/festival announcements such Boom Festival, O.Z.O.R.A Festival, VuuV Festival, Spirit Base Festival and indoor Club Events.

In 2006, the show switched to a web radioshow on (Berlin/Germany) and in 2009 to (Hamburg/Germany).

The listeners can drop in the show live via skype (alpha37) until 10 minutes before the show ends and can spread the word or giving infos/updates about parties or anything relating to progressive political actions.


The Radio Station –


Event Page with weekly info

Alphas Homepage with weekly

TWINA “Radio EP” – Out Now On Beatport!

Psychedlic Trance

Progressive and psychedelic beats melt perfectly with strong melodies and outstanding lyrics. This is music with a message that will take you into a new world, the world of Twina’s Radio!

In the midst of 1990, when Israeli Psychedelic Trance Producers were dominating the scene, Tel Aviv based Assaf Twina has been always a key player of the pack. TWINA’S musical background started in Rock Music as a keyboard player in various Rock Bands. Soon he discovered his love for electronic music and he started Djing as well as producing Psy Trance.

TWINA has played all major festivals including the Solar Vision – GDL in Mexico City, the Open Air Festival in Moscow as well as the legendary Halfmoon – Fullmoon Festival in Thailand. His musical collaborations include works with California Sunshine, Visual Paradox, Ultravoice, ITP plus many more!

His music is extremely powerful and rich in sound and often been described as Stadium-Music. His ability to pull the crowd has been proven on many Festivals and it comes as no surprise that TWINA was booked for the Olympic Basketball Games 2012 in London /England.
After his successful follow-up EP “Having a free Mind”, Yellow Sunshine Explosion is proud to present his new EP “Radio”, which is now available as digital download on Beatport.

1. Twina-Listen To The Radio
2. Twina -Unified Field
3. Twina- Amueba
4. Twina (feat Efrat Darky)- The Eyes of Love


For Digital Download via Beatport, please click HERE

OUT NOW! Brand New “Hi Profile” Most Wanted EP

Progressive Trance

The MOST WANTED series steps forward with a very special artist from Greece /Phoenix Groove Records:

Anastasion Antoniou aka HI-Profile!

In a very short time he became one of the most wanted Artists in his Country.

His sound is unique in the world of Progressive Trance and his taste of abstract grooves, driving melodies and dance floor friendly arrangements make him one of the most sought after artists coming from Greece.

Enjoy this amazing 3 Track EP, available as digital download only!

1. Hi Profile – I Am Innocent
2. Hi Profile – Dead Or Alive
3. Hi Profile – FC Music United

For Digital Download, please click HERE



Goa Parties


LOCATION: “Circle Of Dreams” Riviersonderend / Endless River 


DATE: 29th March – 01st April 2013

A pure & true Psychedelic Trance Party on the Southern most tip of the African continent where the Indian & Atlantic oceans meet, also home of the Table Mountain, one of the 7 natural wonders & the 12th mind chakra of the planet.






Talamasca,  DJ Bim , Creator, Flooting Grooves, 2012, Rosa Ventura, Zaghini, Tera  Lox, Connecto, Skragg, Bruce, Magnus Corona, Anestetic, Dave Mac, Mark  Chemogen TranceKai , K-Jos, Dillan M, Bernz, Killer B, Glacial, Cooks, Frozen Ghost, Highstyle  Satori, Plusminus, Killawatt, Silo, Psytist, Sonic Blaster, Roach, Psyguy, Skitzo & Special Mystery Guests…

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Goa Party


LOCATION: Die Grube, Siedlinghausen, Germany 

DATE: 02nd March – 3rd March 2013


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GOA VOL.45 Compiled by DJ ShaMane

Goa TranceYellow Sunshine Explosion is almost unstoppable in its thoughtful and steady release policy. Having now reached the 45th edition of GOA, they are the leading label out there with an incredible output of quality and persistency second to none.
GOA VOL.45 is another classic example of a high quality release packed with Progressive Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance tunes by the likes of Zonka, ManMachine, Opposite 87, Simply Wave, Twina, Side Effect, Sonic Entity, Major 7, Vertical Mode, Static Movement, Side Effects, Drukverdeler & DJ Bim plus many more.
Yellow Sunshine Explosion Label DJ ShaMane is right on top of the current sound and trends, having chosen carefully selected track from labels such as Iboga, Digital Nature or the South American label Mosaico.

Please click HERE to buy the Double CD!

CD 1
1. DayDin – Halkidiki (Zonka Remix)
2. MANMACHINE – Resonance
3. Lyctum – Euphoria
4. Opposite8 Vs Simply Wave –
Something From The Past
5. Twina – Unified Field
6. Side Effects – Subconscious Mind
7. Sonic Entity – Human Engineers
8. Major 7 & Vertical Mode- Major Mode
9. Echotek – Storm Riders

CD 2
1. Static Movement vs Fender Bender –
Circle Of Life
2. Nitrodrop and Peace Maker – Drop Maker
3. Digital Sun – Mexican Dream
4. Waterphonics – Space Cave
5. Fire Starter – Dancing With Shakti (Champa Remix)
6. Pulsar & LunaRave – Metatron (Elegy Remix)
7. Pragmatix – Frequency Walk
8. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim – Luscious
9. Opposite8 – Electric Space

Champa “My Son” – Out Now On Headroom Productions

Yellow Sunshine Explosion

UK born DJ and producer Isaac Houlli aka Champa has been a household name in the underground dance scene for almost 20 years. After working the crowds with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has been updating his production skills and stands on the precipice of greatness within the international psychedelic community.

The genesis of his album comes from his global psychedelic DJ experiences. The inception for the sounds of ‘My Son’ began here – but the epitomic moment would come from becoming a father and his support from longstanding partner and Queen of Psychedelica, DJ Sati. Inspiration in the family and from the heart, translated to the studio.


Champa produces the kind music that needs to be played loud and danced too with smile on your face. His live performance is of high intensity and uplifting vibe. Combine an uplifting attitude with groovy bass lines, funky percussive rhythms and relentless driving melodies and you have a serious psychedelic fit for a pan-global audience. Some of the tracks have soaring memorable vocals and there is also punctuated humor in some of the samples – Champa has had to dive deep into his record archive to create the unique sound of “My Son”.

Champa has already released a number of singles on Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Neurobiotic including ‘Overtones’, ‘Visions of Goa’, ‘The Secret’ and the most applauded ‘Jungle Boogie’!

RELEASE DATE CD: 25.02.2013

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For Digital Download, please go HERE

Yellow Sunshine Explosion Musical Marathon in Switzerland


Yellow Sunshine Explosion will rock this year’s REISEFIEBER Open Air in Switzerland, with a massive YSE artist line-up and over 20 hours of pure Yellow Sunshine Explosion Psychedelica. The Festival is being held in the midst of the Swiss mountains with a beautiful scenery as well as fantastic crowd, all there to share the wide spectrum of Psychedelic Dance Music, ranging from Progressive Trance to Psy Trance with plenty of Live Acts and DJ’s.



Location: Schelten, Switzerland

Date: 28-30 June 2013

Line Up:




– Melburn
– DJ Bim
– Tulla
– Jens & Baum
– Thor
– ShaMane
– samSon
– Naikido
– Atma
– Antares
– Trip Hazard
– Nachtwandler
– Freekalizer

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For more information on Reisefieber, please click HERE

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Four years have already gone by since Hadra Records successfully released the first chapter of the compilation “Obsessiv Progressiv”; the tracks of which were heard on many dancefloors worldwide. In January 2013, Kokmok will have the pleasure to unleash the second chapter of this edition, the label’s 32nd release. Devoted to fulfil his mission, Kokmok gathered some of the best progressive psytrance producers around. He collected an impressive tracklist that will exceed all expectations; whether you’re a fan of slick psyprog or prefer a big slice of deep morning trance. 
Aerospace, Funky Dragon, Zyce and his remix of Easy Riders (the collaboration between Ace Ventura and Rocky), D_Root, Darma and Symbolic are some of the artists featuring on this new compilation! Obsessiv Progressiv 2 is scheduled to come out on the 18th of January and will be stay in your player for a long long time!


1. AEROSPACE  The Only Light

2. ODD WAVE  Evasion  

3. EASY RIDERS  High Spirits   ZYCE rmx 

4. FUNKY DRAGON  Remake 

5. D_ROOT  Rotate 64    

6. DARMA  One Direction   

7. SYMBOLIC Crystal Clear  SIDE EFFECTS rmx 

8. ELECTIT  My Own Way  

9. NITRODROP  Out of Space  


Avaible on BEATPORT

Availbale on PSYSHOP

Available on HADRA

Out Now! Storm Riders

Proressive Trance

Storm Riders

(Compiled by Mindstorm , Ovnimoon Records)

Ovnimoon Records presents the long awaited 2CD special concept theme compilation ‘Storm Riders’, selected by label co-manager and world-renowned trance producer Mind Storm.

Storm Riders tells a dramatic and poignant story in the form of 20 custom crafted audio scapes. Part 1 and 2 consists of 10 chapters each finally tuned to deliver a spine tingling message composed in the mysterious dance floor poetry of progressive psychedelic goa trance. Using subtle shifts in the BPMs we traverse the tempo range gracefully throughout each of the nearly 80 minute volumes. Part 2 perfectly picks up from where part 1 leaves off.

Your mind will be mended by the experience and you will instantly be inspired to listen again and again.
This is amazing dance music that will open a magical time space portal to a parallel dimension as well as creating personal acoustical transformational spaces within your own intimate settings.

If you wish to buy the CD, please KLICK HERE

Out Now! Goa Sun Vol. 2

Goa Sun Vol.2

Goa Sun Vol. 2

Compiled By Pulsar & Dr Spooks

(Goa Records , Double CD)

Goa Sun Vol. 2 returns this superb Progressive Goa Psytrance series to the center of the spotlight. This time compiled by Dr. Spook and Pulsar, as they set the controls for the heart of the Sun with 20 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more.



Disc 1 is packed with unreleased gems from leading talent presented by well-established and hyper active producer Pulsar (Ovnimoon Rec/Zoo Rec) from Chile. Disc 2 by Dr. Spook features incredible hit tracks tested on the dance floors around the globe by our leading team of relentless joy bringers!

This cross section of the planets best masters and new wizards of Full on Goa Trance and Progressive Psychedelic Fullon producers offers a real glimpse into the magic and mystery that is felt each weekend at secret parties around the planet held on beaches, forests, mountain tops, deserts and indoors at warehouses, yoga/dance studios, and living rooms. Now you can have a piece of this underground phenomena and relive the excitement that this experience conveys.

Welcome to the Goa Trance Experience.

If you wish to buy the CD, please go HERE

For Digital Download, please go HERE

More Psychedelic Party News For 2013

Check out three more exciting Psychedelic Trance Parties coming your way for the months ahead. Expect packed dance floors supported by highlights such as top act ASTRIX and DJ BIM as well as new sounds by Serbian DJ Aquapipe and DJ Sivi. Two more new live acts can be seen at the “When Feelings Become Notes” Party in Serbia with HI PROFILE (Phoenix Groove Records) and OFFLINE (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) being the leading acts for the night. Deeprog is another psychedelic music festival right in the middle of the Hungarian forests, close to the Austrian border with plenty of Live Acts and DJ’s.




Line Up: Astrix Live ((Hommega), DJ Aquapipe (Goasapiens), DJ Sivi (Goasapiens), Offline (Yellow Sunshine Explosion), DJ Albert

Location: Kolos, Belgrade, Serbia

Date: 16.03.2013

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Line Up: Hi Profile Live (Phoenix Groove Records), Offline Live (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

Location: Ex Diskoteka Teatar, Gradski Park , VrsacVrsac, Serbia

Date: 23.03. 2013

For more information go HERE






Location: Csepregi-hegyközség, West-Hungary

Date: 17.05.2013

For more information go HERE

Live Acts:

AIOASKA (Midijum Rec.) (Austria)
AIODAYA (Aioaska and Suduaya) (BMSS Rec.) (Austria/France)
ARGONNIGHT (Triptonite Rec.) (Serbia)
ARGON SPHERE (Geomagnetic Rec.) (Serbia)
AURAFOOD (Aurafood Music) (Hungary)
FLANGER STRANGERS (Deeprog Rec./Y-Production) (Hungary)
FROST BYTE (Independent) (Serbia)
HI PROFILE (Phoenix Groove rec.) (Greece)
KALUMET (Random Rec.) (Hungary)
MALICE IN WONDERLAND (2to6 Records, Bhooteshwara Records) (Austria)
MINDWAVE (IONO Music) (Israel)
ORK MONK (Random Rec.) (Hungary)
OFFLINE (Y.S.E. Rec./Deeprog Rec.) (Serbia)
SHX (Speedsound Rec./Y-Production) (Hungary)
SIDE WINDER (Ovnimoon Rec. / J00F Rec.) (Serbia)
SNAG THE SUNSHPERD (Y-Production) (Hungary)
SOLAR FIELDS (Ultimae Records) (Sweden)
SONITUS PROJECT (Ananda Tribe Rec.) (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
SOUND CONTROL (BioMechanix Rec./ Phoenix Rec.) (Serbia)
SUDUAYA (Altar Rec./ Midijum Rec.) (France)
SPIRIT OF SUN (Deeprog Rec.) (Hungary)
THE CHROMATIC (Digital Nature Rec./Y-Production) (Hungary)
XAILE (Planet B.E.N. Rec) (Hungary)
YUDHISTHIRA (Vertigo Rec.) (Macedonia)

DJ Sets:

ALEZZARO (IONO Music / Progressive Selection) (Austria)
BOTOND (Prog On Syndicate rec./Y-Production) (Hungary)
DJANE NAIMA (Damaru Rec./Blue Hour Sounds) (Austria)
DR SPACE (Starsheep System) (Hungary)
FAME FORWARD (Aquatica) (Germany)
FULLIP (Deeprog Rec.) (Austria)
GÖRGŐ (Humantouch) (Hungary)
HRUSCSOV (Y-Production) (Hungary)
MAYAXPERIENCE (Soundlab Pirates) (Austria)
NBL (Deeprog Rec./kinderprogramm✰) (Austria)
NORIZOH (Cosmixed Society) (U.S.A)
OLEG (Humantouch/S.U.N. Festival) (Hungary)
PINOCIO (Soundlab Pirates / Lucid Dreams) (Austria)
PIOTR vs. GERŐ (Pumpui) (Poland/Hungary)
RAKKA CAKKA (Four Element) (Austria)
TSUBI (Humantouch) (Hungary)
ULURU (Independent) (Austria)
WOLLE (Progressive Selection) (Austria)
YUDHISTHIRA (Vertigo Rec.) (Macedonia)

Sonic Entity – Future Evolution


It is sometimes not clear what came first, our interpretation of the future or the natural future evolution. It seems like many of our prophecies as presented in movies, books and television series have dictated the way our future has been paved, so do we actually predict and shape our own future? Do we evolve in a linear progressive way to a more sophisticated life or is it the other way around? Whatever the answer may be, it is certain that we will have a Sonic Entity to accompany us with kick ass music while we go to the future.

Our guide to the Future Evolution is Sonic Entity aka Nikola Gasic from Belgrade, Serbia. Gasic started his expedition in 2008, after a long involvement in the Psytrance scene. His debut album Twister came

out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion in 2012 and he has released his music on various labels.

Now he rejoins the Iono Music family for a futuristic adventure. The time vessel has lifted off and taken into the frontiers of Future Evolution. It dives into space where the stars and moon shine the way to the other side of the planet. The isolation and detachment from planet earth enabled a deep self-reflection that gave birth to an expression that was never heard before. You want to know how it sounds?

Just push the play button!

Format: Digital Download

Release Date: 11.03.2013


01. Sonic Entity – Future Evolution

02. Sonic Entity – Depths Of The Human Fall

03. Liquid Space – An Expression (Sonic Entity Remix)


For more Information, please CLICK HERE

Ritmo – Phrase-B

Progressive Trance

You’ve waited for it, you tried to guess what the second Phrase might be and now it is finally here: Darker, Deeper, Better! Phrase B!

After accumulating experiences across the globe, Ritmo has initialized the other side of the Phrase, it is absorbed with a more atmospheric intense sensation and brings an amalgamation of the highest quality Progressive sounds in the galaxy.

Ritmo, aka Dubi Dagan from Tel Aviv, Israel, has conquered the top of the Progressive Kingdom in a few years, sneaking into our hearts with his modesty and shyness on the one hand, and his furious and energetic performance on the other. There is no way you can resist his magic!

After releasing his debut album “Disharmonic Silence” on Iono Music in 2008, Ritmo has started to raise much attention. He continued with his acclaimed compilation “Archive 9” and has been one of the first family members of Iono Music. From that moment on he released many quality gems, being the uncompromising artist that he is, always working hard to create the perfect sound. Along the way he had some collaborations: Ritree with Suntree aka Alon Brilant and Arctic with Gaudium aka Andreas Wennersköld.

Format: Digital Download

Release Date: 04.03.2013


01. Ritmo – The Truth (Feat. Eitan M)

02. Ritmo – The War Against The Machines

03. Ritmo – The Way We Are

04. Ritmo – At The Beginning

05. Ritmo – Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix)


For more information, please CLICK HERE


Follow DJ Bim’s legendary Progressive Psychedelic Trance Sets at the coming March 2013 events as listed below. DJ Bim is one of the few high profile DJ’s with a career spanning over more than two decades.

DJ Bim is also the label manager of  Yellow Sunshine Explosion and responsible for one of the best artist releases the scene has to offer as well as compiling ground breaking Compilations such as GOA CULTURE.

His DJ sets are a mind-blowing marathon through the finest tunes out there!

DJ Bim knows how to work the crowd so make sure to catch him on one of those events!


Progreesive Tunes Part


Line Up: DJ BIM, PATARA & NAD FX, DJ THOR, DJ BOGDI, MOTOR plus many more!

Location: The Basement, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Date: 09.03.2013

Info: For more information, please go HERE









Location: Festplatz, Hamburg, Germany

Date: 23.03.2013

Info: For more information please go HERE


Static Movement – Circle of Life – Out Now!


Yellow Sunshine Explosion is pleased to announce their new sub-label Headroom Production and first Album release:

STATIC MOVEMENT – Circle of Life

Israel based Shahar Shtrikman aka Static Movement has done some very impressive production work in the field of GOA Trance for the last 2 years. Throughout this time, he has has always been loyal to the psychedelic progressive side of the spectrum, balancing high energy with emotional elements and melodic sounds, offering a perfect mix of  Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trance to the audience.

Over the last 2 years Shahar had different releases on leading Record Labels like Iboga Records, Iono Music or Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Apart from that, he also played leading festivals in Europe and South America.

Now Shahar likes to present his debut album – Circle of Life

This album is a real journey into the world of Trance and a collaboration with leading and well known artist from his country, including Sonic Sence, Impact, Space Hypnose, Avshi vs. Soul, Future Radio, Fender Bender and Ranji.

Circle of Life is a real reflection of the last 2 years of Static Movements life and rest assured this album will be the highlight of early 2013 and ready for a successful tour of Static Movement in Europe and Mexico in the forthcoming months.


1. Static Movement vs Impact – Electronic Sunrise

2. Static Movement – Talking About Love (Avshi vs Soul Six Remix)

3. Static Movement vs Future Radio – Deep Blue Sea

4. Static Movement vs Space Hypnose – Existence

5. Static Movement vs Sonic Sense – It´s Like A Dream

6. Static Movement vs Fender Bender – Circle Of Life

7. Static Movement – Look Into My Eyes

8. Static Movement – Monster

9. Static Movement vs Ranji – In The Game


To buy the CD, please CLICK HERE

For Digital Download, please CLICK HERE




Talamasca “Psychedelic Trance” Out Now!

Psychedelic Trance

Dacru Records is proud to announce the addition of one of the scene’s most revered icons to its roster, TALAMASCA.

After a few years of soul searching, the master has captured the essence of what Talamasca stands for in this brand new full album, jam-packed with powerful grooves and inspiring melodies. ‘Psychedelic Trance’ was designed to reflect the artist’s personal interpretation of the genre, and is bound to be a must in every DJ bag. With an impressive 15 years legacy of quality tunes, Talamasca will yet again rock you to the core.



Release date: February 04th 2013

01. Talamasca – Psychedelic Trance

02. DigiCult – Cosmic Company (Talamasca Remix)

03. Talamasca – Day Dreaming

04. XSI – Nightmare (Talamasca vs XSI ft Lucid Remix)

05. Talamasca ft Mesmerizer – Take Control

06. Talamasca – Super Hero

07. Talamasca – Winter Tale

08. Talamasca – Fallen Angel

09. Talamasca – Time Simulation (Live Version)

If you wish to buy the CD, please CLICK HERE

For Digital Download via Beatport, please CLICK HERE

For Digital Download via I-Tunes, please CLICK HERE

D Twin “Walking on Air” EP

DTWINTime continues to fly by but nevertheless, the Phoenix Groove Record’s standard continually keeps growing release after release.
D-Twin present their latest crowning achievement with their “Walking On Air” EP.
Their name has instantly become synonymous with quality, unravelling an electric dream forged with crisp basslines, straight kicks and blistering arpeggios.
Both tracks are guaranteed to cause damage on the floors with their sliced-up drums and thumping percussion. The goal for quality has been achieved, and this duo will certainly not pass unnoticed. Especially with that kind of playfulness..

Release date 11/03/2013
For more information on Phoenix Groove Records please go HERE

VA Natural Selection by DJ Vance

Digital Nature Records is delighted to announce the launch of VA Natural Selection by DJ Vance, the first in what we hope to be a long series of releases compiled by our worldwide DJs, presenting their favorite Digital Nature tracks and masterfully mixed to create an enjoyable and extremely memorable ride. Natural Selection is compiled by DJ Vance (Mats Hansen) from Sweden, one of the rising stars in the Scandinavian trance scene and one of our first worldwide representatives. Vance compiled and mixed a super strong blend of progressive trance tunes from our many international artists, in a set developing from deep epic moments to full blasting groove anthems, displaying his extraordinary mixing skills and knowledge in set building, to create a uniquely flowing continuous mix which is available as bonus track.

1. Alion – Showdown
2. Day Dream and Timeless – Space Radio
3. D-Twin – Nature and Science
4. Sonic Sense – How Does It Feel
5. Atom Device – Crisis
6  Mind Spin – Flow
7. Dual Vision – Spiritual Light
8. Day Dream – Unseen Desire (Shanko Remix)
9. Soulscape – Flow
10. Solaris Vibe and Nitrodrop – Lucid Reality
11. Natural Selection Continuous Mix by DJ Vance

release date 11/02/2013

For more information on Digital Nature Records, please go HERE

3 Brand New Psychedelic Offerings Out Now As Digital Download

Fire Starter

After the successful digital Album release by Fire Starter – Extremely Flammable, Yellow Sunshine Explosion is pleased to announce Fire Starter’s next digital offering:

Fire Starter – DE JA VU EP.  This EP contains 3 fresh tracks including two remixes by Champa – Miracle Pill and Lytum – Hologram. Expect sharp grooves, colorful soundscapes, original vocals and an overall high quality production ready to rock the dance floor!

1. Fire Starter – De Ja Vu
2. Lyctum – Hologram (Fire Starter Remix)
3. Champa – Miracle Pill (Fire Starter Remix)

For Digital Download, please CLICK HERE


After his first Album Release on Y.S.E , Levent Inan aka Sirion from Hamburg Germany presents his first digital E.P “Where We Belong”, giving us a glimpse on what to expect on his forthcoming Album in early 2013. Enjoy this tasteful mix of light Goa Trance with massive sound scapes and groovy rhythms blending beautifully with soulful vocals.

1. Sirion- What Da Funk
2. Sirion – As You Are
3. Sirion – Where We Belong



For Digital Download, please CLICK HERE


Digital Sun is a cutting edge electronic music project created by DJ & Producer Ash Mohan from Melbourne, Australia.
With an ear for fresh sounds and edgy electronica, Ash has created a unique style of dance music. Enjoy his tasteful mix of everlasting sounds-capes, groovy rhythms and sharp synthesiser sounds, blended beautifully with soulful vocals and deep tech atmospheres.
The Digital Sun project is a unique blend of dance floor friendly flavors, ranging from deep Tech House to Progressive Trance, all tailored for maximum groove and adaptable to many different environments.
Equally at home purveying mind-melting melodies on the club floor or rumbling deep baselines, Digital Sun is a boundary-pushing project with a contemporary mindset and a feel for the future of electronic music.

1. Digital Sun – Aphrodite
2. Digital Sun – Bending Light And Space
3. Digital Sun – Mexican Dream

For Digital Download, please CLICK HERE

New Digital Downloads | MOST WANTED SERIES

Get on board with the brand new Digital Download Series, MOST WANTED, available as exclusive Downloads via Beatport.

The MOST WANTED Series focuses on the best producers in the field of Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trance, each release comes as an E.P. and is currently one of the most downloaded titles amongst the Yellow Sunshine Explosion catalogue.

The Series features MARCO MENICHELLI, also known as a member of the legendary act Sun Project!
With his EP, Marco Menichelli presents 4 tracks of the fines Progressive Trance. Also on board are Hamburg based Thorsten Paul aka KLOPFGEISTER with a solid dosage of proper German Trance, followed by MINDWAVE, EGORYTHMICA and KULARIS. DJ FABIO is another highlight of the MOST WANTED series with a cracking 4 track E.P. which also features collaboration with DJ Magical (Featuring Nina Hagen) and DJ Benni Moon!

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OUT NOW! GOA 2013 VOL.1 | Compiled by DJ BIM



Compiled by DJ Bim

YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION steps forward into 2013 with another incredible collection of amazing GOA Music. This double CD is the real deal in new Dance Music, bringing you the freshest, up-to-date Psychedelica.
GOA 2013 VOL.1 comes straight to the point with a breathtaking mix of Progressive Trance to Psychedelic Progressive Trance.
Compiled by Germany’s most sought-after DJ Bim, this is music for all serious clubbers out there with the latest tunes by top acts such as Static Movement, Hi Profile, Side Effects, ManMachine, Opposite8, Sonic Entity, Soulscape plus many more!

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CD 1
1. Simply Wave – Realistic Thinking
2. Fire Starter – Let The Bass Kick
3. Funk Truck – Sunshakes
4. Hi Profile – High Society
5. Kingpink – Shine Like A Star
6. Soulscape – Sweet Delicious
7. Multiphase – Tender Lies
8. Timeless – Goodbye
9. Static Movement – Talking about Love (Avshi vs Soul Six Remix)

CD 2
1. Lyctum – Delightful Lights
2. Rigel – Vibration
3. Opposite8 – Limitless
4. Static Movement – Put Your Sunglasses On
5. Side Effects – One Man´s Vision
6. Sonic Entity – Twister
7. Sideform – Chameleon (Nerso Remix)
8. MANMACHINE – Saturn
9. Digital Sun – Bending Light And Space